Trump Can’t Stand the Truth: He Lost, No More Mulligans

by James DiGeorgia | 11/26/2020 8:07 PM
Trump Can’t Stand the Truth: He Lost, No More Mulligans

In what amounted to a comically pathetic attempt to overturn the 2020 general election results, President Donald Trump called into a Pennsylvania meeting hosted by Republican state lawmakers on Wednesday. He insisted that he had won the election.


This wasn’t a legislative hearing. No one, including President Trump or his lawyers, including the now-infamous lying Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, were sworn in. Not being under oath during this event meant they were free to lie legally with plausible deniability? It also meant they could make any claim they wanted without evidence or worry that Trump’s lawyers could be suspended from or ultimately disbarred by any bar associations for perjury. So they lied, and Trump was able to lie by saying…

“This election was rigged, and we can’t let that happen.”

“We won Pennsylvania by a lot. And we won all of these swing states by a lot.”

“Anybody watching television the night of the election was saying ‘Wow, I was called by the biggest political people, congratulations, sir, on a big win. And all of a sudden, ballots were dumped all over the place, and a lot of horrible things happened.”

Trump appears to have no concept of evidence like most conmen. His word should be just accepted as the truth. To hell with the over 80 million votes cast against him. Despite having every opportunity to offer solid evidence to back up his claims, his lawyers have so far not produced ANY substantive proof of fraud. Even the national elected officials, his own Department of Justice admits there was no voter indiscretion.

The net Biden win in Pennsylvania was by a margin of 80,000 votes on November 3, which pushed Biden’s electoral win into landslide territory based on Trump’s definition of what a landslide looks like. The defeat of President Trump by over 6 million votes nationally makes him a failed one-term president.

On Monday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) formally signed off on Pennsylvania’s state certification that declared Biden the 2020 presidential election winner. Despite the lack of any evidence and the huge disparity in the votes against him, Trump insisted over a speakerphone when addressing the Republican event…

“It’s a disgrace that this is happening to our country. We won this election by a lot. We got 74 million votes.”

“They have to turn over the results.”

This is, of course, is stagecraft designed to continuing to milk Trump supporters out of millions of dollars that are pouring into a newly formed dark money Political Action Committee (PAC) that Trump can use to pay off his campaign debts and fund the massive numbers of civil and criminal cases he expects after he leaves office.

Trump and many of his supporters, including his daughter in law Laura Trump, believe the president will run for re-election in 2024. However, he and his three oldest children, along with dozens of his sycophants, will more likely be sitting in jail before the election season in 2024 comes around.

Giuliani and other Trump lawyers have made baseless challenges to the vote counts that have virtually all been thrown out by courts across the country. In every case, the Trump legal teams have made ridiculous allegations outside of courtrooms, but inside courtrooms have made no fraud claims. Doing so would lead to disbarment.

Trump, Giuliani and Ellis have all made allegations that they have evidence of all sorts of conspiracy theories, including that voting machines deliberately deleted millions of his votes. Yet, the evidence has never been presented. Meanwhile, Trump Administrations’ own government election security agency declared this “the most secure” election in US history.

Republican lawmakers in Washington are under enormous pressure to move on and accept Biden’s win due to the lack of evidence Trump’s lawyers have been able to accumulate. They persuaded Trump’s White House staff to finally get him to end his government assistance blockade to ease Biden’s preparation for assuming the presidency on January 20.

Since it has become apparent that Biden has won the election, Trump has mostly disappeared from his usual work schedule, has played a lot of golf, and has refused to take any questions from journalists. Instead, he focuses on raising money from supporters for an “Official Election Defense Fund,” his dark money PAC, which isn’t going to the lawyers promoting his fraud allegations.

Kate Bedingfield, a Biden spokeswoman, said it best…

“Virtually everyone on Earth has accepted that truth except for Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.”

“The Trump campaign has been laughed out of every courtroom, with their meritless and baseless lawsuits meant to undermine the will of the American people. This is a sideshow.”


                     Judges Shut Down Trump’s Claims Of Election Irregularities




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