Trump Cancels GM Joint Venture to Mass Produce Ventilators: Too Expensive!

by James DiGeorgia | 03/29/2020 8:42 AM
Trump Cancels GM Joint Venture to Mass Produce Ventilators: Too Expensive!

Trump refuses to believe there’s a need for 80,000 ventilators. He’s refusing to spend the over billion dollars, which amounts to 0.05% of the latest Stimulus Bill need for ventilators.

March 29, 2020

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Tens of thousands of people could die as a result of President Trump’s ignorance and stubbornness. After ordering General Motors to build tens of thousands of desperately-needed ventilators, Trump used concerns expressed by FEMA officials who are not physicians that the costs of the effort could exceed $1 billion.

The  New York Times is reporting the project between the car manufacturer and Ventec Life Systems would’ve repurposed GM’s Kokomo, Indiana auto parts plant to produce up to 80,000 ventilators.  Also, it would guarantee the GM workers their jobs as the United States is on course for a recession or worse.

Trump has outright refused the assertions of New York’s Governor that as many as 40,000 ventilators may be needed as the cases of the deadly coronavirus pandemic reach its peak. New York City hospitals are increasingly overwhelmed with a surge of COVID-19 severe cases necessitating a dramatic increase of intensive care patients.

The President is using FEMA official’s concerns as an excuse at the last minute after insisting that the need is being unnecessarily hyped by Democrats like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to the New York Times…

“Longtime emergency managers at FEMA are working with military officials to sort through the competing offers and federal procurement rules while under pressure to give President Trump something to announce.”

While representatives from both GM and Ventec remained enthusiastic about starting the project as soon as possible, its status going forward was unclear.

“The only thing missing was clarity from the government about how many ventilators they needed — and who would be paid to build them.”

President Trump is gambling with the lives of tens of thousands of people with this decision. While he has no chance of winning New York’s electoral votes in November, the need for these ventilators is rising in red states like Louisiana and Florida.  His unwillingness to listen to the healthcare experts pleading for these critical care devices could lead to a massive number of deaths and a devastating loss in November.

It’s a gamble on President Trump’s and many members of his family and administration facing criminal prosecution in 2021. Everything he has been hiding from the United States Congress will fall into the next administration’s hands. 

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