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Trader Alert: Key Chart Offers A Clear Potential Sell Signal

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 03/21/2016 07:46 PM
Trader Alert: Key Chart Offers A Clear Potential Sell Signal

I have been editing and publishing investment newsletters/services since 1986. That's 30 years of competing with some of the biggest investment publishing firms in the United States. Here is the simple fact:

The vast majority of investment newsletters promote to you the reader by dangling what they drum roll up as “big imminent changes” in politics, economics, and even social shifts that will produce quick and huge profits. On large financial publisher is claiming it will provide new subscribers that pay almost $2,000 a year for a subscription to a currency trading service by promising two huge potentially profitable trade recommendations.

They wrote to potential subscribers claiming the following...

  • The first trade has the potential to turn $10,000 into over $100,000 this year.
  • The second trade has the power to turn $10,000 into as much as $105,000 or more.
  • In my opinion and my partner Geoff’s you have a better chance of being hit with a meteor than making 1000% on a short term futures or options trade. The once in a lifetime 1000% gain does not pay the bills month in and month out. What does is consistent gains of 15-35% week in and week out.
This same financial publisher was the pioneer of a several thousand dollar options trading service supposedly edited by an 80 year old market guru. The service grabbed millions from subscribers who bought into the concept - only to see the service deliver a steady stream of -100% losses.

I know firsthand as I worked for the firm and no matter what I and other employees did to try to persuade the publisher that the subscribers were being destroyed and we needed to rethink the trading strategy. However, we were unable to get the publisher to wake up to the destruction he was unleashing on his subscribers.

I decided right there and then to find a trading methodology that would actually work. If you're not using, or your financial newsletter editor is not using www.ErlangerChartRoom.com, I believe that from 30 years of experience you're going to take huge losses.

Geoff and I use Erlanger for every paid subscription service we manage. It doesn't always work, sure there are fake outs. Times exist where the market signals a short term sell-off and that is quickly reversed in an uber bull cycle, we'll take a loss. Yet, better than 70% of the time these signals pay off - many times in a big way.

The last two sell off signals lead to two nearly 10% sell offs. The following buy signals also lead to rallys of nearly 10%.

Last Friday, the S&P closed up extending a rally that finally brought the index back to a net positive for the year but it also closed signaling the market was very overbought and one of my most reliable Erlanger daily indicators closed indicating it's time to get short, step out of long positions in the S&P Index for the time being or put a hedge on to protect for downside action.

This sell signal could be quickly reversed into a buy signal, that happened in late September of 2015, however a new buy signal was also generated in a few days and any loss being short would have been less than 2% while the rally that was signal delivered an almost 10% win.

The Erlanger EC spread is a key timing indicator and its now indicating a sell off could be approaching. Is it a fake out or is the real deal?

My partner fellow Wall Street Rebel Geoff Garbacz and I use this and other Erlanger indicators when making stock and options trades. Unlike many of the financial publishers we are NOT looking for 1000% short term trades. We cannot promise 1000% profits like that in the short run. What we can promise is many more winners than losers with nice cumulative returns year after year.

Geoff and I hunt for more modest and consistent trading profits. This SELL signal is exactly what we look for. Our downside is 1%-2% and the upside of this signal could be 5%. Using options in our two Option Newsletters, we are able to leverage these moves into 15% to 35% pretty easily.

Pay attention as this setup plays itself out.

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