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The U.S. Reaches 99,000 Dead: Pandemic is Worsening

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/24/2020 4:55 PM
The U.S. Reaches 99,000 Dead: Pandemic is Worsening

We’re not even through with the first wave of coronavirus infections and COVID-19 deaths, and a second wave is beginning.

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Total Coronavirus Cases:


Active Cases:


Closed Cases:






As signs of a second wave of coronavirus starting to appear in the United States, we still see the number of infections from the first wave increasing.

On Saturday, the number of those newly infected jumped by over 9,000. Thanks to slowing rates of infections from the first wave of pandemic deaths in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Washington State, and Oregon, infection rates are slowing in the United States, but the danger is still enormous.

The number of infections remains steady in about 25 states, while in six states (North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, North Dakota, Maine, and Wyoming), there are already reported rises in newly reported cases over the last 14 days.  This is in part because some have recently ramped up testing and, unfortunately, due to the partial reopening of the states.

We lost 1,036 Americans to the pandemic on Saturday. At that rate, with 163 days ahead of the general election, we will hit 263,000 dead by Election Day, November 3, 2020. If the second wave spikes the number of deaths to back over 2,000 a day as many experts are warning we could see well over 420,000 dead by the time polls close.

President Trump has been absolute in his pledge not to quarantine any part of the United States, even if the partial reopening of the United States sends the death toll skyrocketing. He and his GOP sycophants in Congress and his administration are willing to sacrifice an unlimited number of elderly people with pre-existing conditions and front line workers’ lives.

Trump will point out that roughly 1,264,000 American soldiers have died in the nation’s wars since its inception. He’s comparing the current 99,000 deaths to the 620,000 deaths in the Civil War and 644,000 in all other conflicts since then and is comparing American citizens to warriors on battlefields.

If the number of dead from COVID-19 rises to 1, 264,000 Trump will still be telling the American people he wears their deaths, and the 20 million infected as a “badge of honor.” The prospect of more than a million Innocent, women, children, and men dying doesn’t worry him at all.

Neither does the reality of as many 60 million people being unemployed doesn’t bother him.

What bothers Trump and his sycophants are former Vice President telling the truth to black voters;  you’re not black if you can’t see the difference between Trump, a bigoted white nationalist, and him. 

   President Trump not going to close the United States if ...

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