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The Rest Of News From Sunday And The Weekend

  • Wall Street Rebel | Geoff Garbacz
  • 11/05/2018 10:46 AM
The Rest Of News From Sunday And The Weekend

World Economy Risks Returning to Sync, This Time to the Downside

We noted in Superstock Investor this morning that Goldman Sachs is cutting their global economic forecast. Recession in 2019?

Wall Street’s Turnaround on Saudis Signals Return to Business as Usual

Despite the outries against The Kingdom, it appears life for the Saudis is getting back to normal.
Our bark is louder than our bite when it comes to sanctions. This could cause the price of oil to head lower after the sanctions are put into place.
Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma has been critical and rightly so of the impact on trade tariffs. There will be more pain for China.

Bitcoin’s ‘First Felon’ Faces More Legal Trouble

Bitcoin was the "it" asset last year. Now it is the "ugh" asset. With the pop of the bubbles, comes the need to push those that pushed the envelope.

Apple Raises Prices, and Profits Keep Booming

Yes profits were higher and prices are going up BUT Wall Street lost its ability to analyze the Apple as the company is dropping guidance on unit sales for iPhones as well as iPads and Macs.

'Colossal collapse' in gas prices expected heading into midterm election

Is President Trump trying to manipulate the price of gasoline to appease voters? Time will tell if this worked.
If the trade tariffs do hit and front loading was the way around tariffs in the short term, then the economy could be in big trouble.

Bitcoin climate fears and other crypto news this week 

The latest news in the crypto space.

The no-lose scenario for stocks after the midterms

Some think stocks are going to climb after the midterms. We are not so sure of this outcome but wanted you to see the argument.

The rise of white nationalism in America

Clearly, a bad problem and one that cannot get bigger. Americans need to stop this trend in it tracks.

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