The Economy Got Some Good News in April as Inflation Fell to 5.9%.

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 05/10/2023 9:01 AM
The Economy Got Some Good News in April as Inflation Fell to 5.9%.

The rate of inflation experienced a moderation to 4.9 percent during the period spanning from April of the previous year to April of the current year. This marks the 10th consecutive month in which inflation has experienced a decline. 


According to a highly scrutinized Consumer Price Index (CPI) report released Wednesday, inflation decelerated for the tenth consecutive month in April. This is a positive development for American households grappling with the weight of elevated expenses and for Washington policymakers attempting to manage the effects of swift price surges.

The latest figures from the consumer price index reveal that inflation, although still at an elevated level, is exhibiting a decline owing to the Federal Reserve's assertive approach towards increasing interest rates. The most recent interest rate hike was implemented last week.

In April, the Consumer Price Index experienced a 4.9 percent increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This figure was slightly lower than the 5 percent projected by economists in a survey conducted by Bloomberg. Inflation has come down notably from a peak just above 9 percent last summer, though it has remained far higher than the 2 percent annual gains that were normal before the pandemic.

After stripping out food and fuel to get a sense of the underlying trend in price increases — what economists call a core measure — consumer prices climbed 5.5 percent from a year earlier, a slight drop from 5.6 percent in the previous reading.

Although inflation has been gradually cooling, it remains too elevated for policymakers to be comfortable. A significant portion of the deceleration in price escalation can be attributed to the resolution of supply chain impediments, amelioration of product scarcities, and moderation of fuel costs subsequent to a spike in the summer of 2022 linked to the military incursion by Russia into Ukraine. Underlying trends that could keep inflation persistently high over time remain intact, including unusually strong wage growth, which could prod companies to try to charge more for products and services.

Federal Reserve officials are likely to watch the April inflation report closely. Officials have raised interest rates over the past year at the fastest pace since the 1980s to slow lending and weigh down the economy, but now that rates are above 5 percent, policymakers have signaled that they could pause rate moves as soon as their mid-June meeting. That decision will hinge on incoming economic and financial data, they have said.

Policymakers will receive the consumer price report for May on June 13, the day before their decision, but officials typically give markets at least a hint of what they might do with rates ahead of time. That puts significant attention on the April report.

During a press conference held in New York on Tuesday, John C. Williams, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, stated that the Federal Reserve's upcoming decision regarding whether to increase rates or maintain the status quo during the June meeting would be dependent on the data received.


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