The 14-Day Average of Covid Infections Tops 650,000, Deaths Top 1500

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 01/10/2022 9:49 AM
The 14-Day Average of Covid Infections Tops 650,000, Deaths Top 1500

We still may be weeks away from the peak of this current wave of Covid as both Omicron and the Delta variants are spreading across the country. Omicron infections now make up 95% of new infections.


Alt: [Covid Trenda]

The nightmare continues. While some health experts are predicting that this latest wave of Covid will precipitously drop as quickly as it ramped up, it will help naturally immunize those infected and lead to an end to this health crisis; there is no definitive proof that the end is in sight.

Other assurances by health experts that omicron infections aren't leading to as many hospitalizations and intensive care admissions are looking increasingly incorrect; with 95% of new infections being diagnosed as Omicron, hospital admission are climbing too close to the same number that occurred last year.

Alt: (Daily Covid Hospitalizations)

The number of admissions to intensive care units is also climbing to close to the same number admitted last year.

At the current rate of fatalities of the 1500 14 daily average, over 1 million U.S. citizens will have died by the end of May.

Alt : (New Deaths Chart)

The only overwhelming evidence continues to prove that the unvaccinated represent approximately 80% of the hospital Covid admissions. This terrifying degree of vulnerability to Covid has yet to sink in for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Each day stories about anti-vax advocates, zealots who have succumbed to the virus are reported without effect. As of the writing of this article, just over 62.5% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated twice, and only 36.3% has received a booster shot.

Alt : (Weekly Hospitals Cases)

The scariest part of the current wave of Covid is the number of children under five being hospitalized with or kids under five — who are not yet eligible for the vaccine — is the highest since the pandemic began. The surge of children under five admitted to hospitals surged to more than 4 in 100,000 children since mid-December. That's up from 2.5 per 100,000, according to the CDC.

The number of hospitalized people in intensive care has reached a 7 day average of 20,496. Last year, in the same period, there were 29.175. This offers little solace, mainly because the average continues to climb week over week.

Its failure to recognize the overwhelming danger of this health crisis defies all reason and logic. Alternative facts are still driving the decision-making of the unvaccinated. They may even drive the United States Supreme Court to strike down President Biden's attempt to mandate vaccinations for as many as 100 million Americans. 

Some are blaming President Biden for not dealing with this health crisis properly. They blame him for focusing too closely on vaccinating the public and not focusing enough on testing. Across the country, there are right-wing Trumpians who have fought and continue to wear masks and get vaccinated. Yet, 80% of those being hospitalized are unvaccinated.

The insanity of not getting vaccinated is best represented in the numbers of the CDC, which show less than 11,000 people who were immunized have died of Covid out of the 835,000 reported.


                     Hospitals Overwhelmed As People Struggle To Get Tested For COVID-19

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