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Texas MD ‘Reopening Schools: “America is Out of Its Mind.”

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 08/05/2020 4:34 PM
Texas MD ‘Reopening Schools: “America is Out of Its Mind.”

Some schools have already begun to re-open, and hundreds of kids, teachers and staff are being infected with the potentially deadly COVID-19. Trump is sealing his and the Republican Party’s political wipeout by re-opening schools.


Forty-plus million people around the country are upset about the way President Trump has handled the coronavirus epidemic up to now. Polls show that Approval of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has hit a new low, with just 32% of Americans saying they support his strategy. The latest poll Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research was released on Sunday.

Alt: (Chart Trumps Approval Rating)

Dr. Pritesh Gandhi, a Texas physician, insists that schools in the United States are in no condition to re-open at the moment, especially given that the coronavirus is still spreading rampantly and is infecting tens of thousands of Americans every day. In his Tweet, the doctor wrote

“America is out of its mind thinking we are even remotely prepared for school this fall,” wrote Gandhi, who earlier this year made an unsuccessful run for the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives in Texas’s 10th Congressional District. “We are definitely NOT ready & if people say we are, it’s either out of ignorance or arrogance.”

Gandhi went on to warn the inability to turn around test results rapidly will become particularly dangerous in the fall, especially when hospitals are also dealing with an influx of flu cases.

“When stay-at-home dad has a fever, waiting one week for test results does nothing for his 3 young children & their school. Americans do NOT have access to care. Americans do NOT have the $$ to pay for testing & treatment. And, our states by and large are still not prepared for massive contact tracing.”

All of this was the result, he added…

 “The absolute disregard for life by this administration & its enablers.”

The doctor’s warnings should be taken seriously, especially by President Trump and the Republican governors that are now pushing the doors of school open already and are in the process of doing do.

On Wednesday, teachers in Georgia’s largest school district returned to elementary, middle and high school campuses to start in-person planning for the fall semester.

By the next day, 260 district employees had been barred from entering their schools, either because they tested positive for the coronavirus or had been directly exposed to someone who had.

Sloan Roach, the spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Public Schools, which serves more than 180,000 students, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that most of the cases were tied to community spread, rather than being spread at the schools. Some of the employees who reported exposure to the virus had not come to work yet. Roach told the newspaper

“Given the number of [COVID-19] cases in Gwinnett, we would expect to see positives among our employees based on the community spread in our county.”

The potential of seeing tens of thousands of school children, teenagers, and school personal suddenly infected and schools being forced to shut down across the country would absolutely devastate Trump’s reelection and crush down-ballot Republican candidates in the approaching the general election. This reinforces Dr. Pritesh Gandhi’s assertion that “America is out of its mind” to stand by and allow schools to re-open.


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