Taking Poison Recommended By Right-Wing Nuts Isn’t Funny

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 09/07/2021 5:06 PM
Taking Poison Recommended By Right-Wing Nuts Isn’t Funny

The Lincoln Project released another award-worthy video that attempts to humorously tackle the insanity driving so many people to swallow horse and cattle de-wormer pills to prevent and cure Covid-19 instead of just getting vaccinated. 


My initial reaction to the latest Lincoln Project video was to chuckle, but as the video played on, a feeling of dread began to overtake me.

Right-wing looney tune windbags like Alex Jones and Joe Rogan encourage their audiences to take Ivermectin. This anti-parasitic can kill a human being if enough is ingested.

Keep in mind that many of these idiots pushing Ivermectin have in the past or will claim that “no right-minded person would believe what they have said,” the defense used by Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and Alex Jones when they have been sued. They’re just playing a part.

However, the problem is that most of these brain-dead right-wing moron’s audiences don’t understand that they’re not for real. So, more and more people are showing up in emergency rooms overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients across the countries that have followed this potentially deadly advice. Never mind that Ivermectin won’t do anything to cure the virus that has infected over 40 million Americans.

We all know you can be held criminally liable for running into a movie theater and screaming fire or machine gun. Why is it legal for medical laypeople to push a veterinary drug that can kill people if they use it?

Have we lost our way in the United States so badly that the Department of Justice can’t distinguish between FREE SPEECH and DEADLY SPEECH?

It begs the question, how many people will become seriously ill and or die from following the advice of the GOP suicide cult?



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