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Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller May Have Already Subpoenaed President Trump To Appear At Grand Jury

  • Wall Street Rebel | Michael London
  • 10/31/2018 1:27 PM
Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller May Have Already Subpoenaed President Trump To Appear At Grand Jury

The Mid Term Election possibly is being used as ‘DEFLECTIVE WALL’ designed to hold back the news of a Trump Grand Jury Subpoena.


By Michael London, is reporting a potential bombshell that will go off immediately after this year’s mid-term election that Special counsel Robert Mueller how is leading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election may have already issued a subpoenaed to President Donald Trump. Politico is basing this assertion on court docket entries already filed, according to former federal prosecutor now a Politico column writer Nelson W. Cunningham.

Cunningham stated in his latest column claims

"Since mid-August, he may have been locked in proceedings with Trump and his lawyers over a grand jury subpoena – in secret litigation that could tell us by December whether the president will testify before Mueller’s grand jury,"

Cunningham points out that on August 16, a sealed grand jury case was initiated in D.C. federal district court before Chief Judge Beryl Howell, and that on September 19, Howell quickly issued a ruling.

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According to Cunningham, the court docket sheets do not identify the witness, and when Trump lawyers Jay Sekulow and others were asked about the filing and who the witness is, they all were any denied knowledge.

Cunningham reports the Federal Appeals Court responded with "remarkable speed" and even though there was an "unspecified procedural flaw," the matter was resolved in less than a week when in other cases such a flaw would have taken weeks or months to reach a decision.

Cunningham further reports the evidence submitted indicates the witness is President Trump as a result of the only appointed by POTUS Federal Judge Gregory Katsas (a former deputy White House counsel) has recused himself from the case.

Say’s Cunningham in his column

"If Mueller were going to subpoena the president – and there’s every reason why a careful and thorough prosecutor would want the central figure on the record on critical questions regarding his knowledge and intent – this is just the way we would expect him to do so."

A full blow fight over President Trump being subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury will almost certainly result in an appeal the United States Supreme Court. The big question is will the rule of law in the country be upheld?


We at Wall Street Rebel are deeply concerned about any decision by the SCOTUS that would indicate that the President of the United States is in any way above the law. The danger of investors suddenly becoming worried about the lack of the rule of law in the United States could so shatter confidence in our financial markets cannot be understated.

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