Some of Trump’s Aids Worry His Racist Strategy Will Blow Up in His Face

by James DiGeorgia | 07/30/2019 4:58 PM
Some of Trump’s Aids Worry His Racist Strategy Will Blow Up in His Face

The New York Times is reporting that White House officials held a ‘frantic’ meeting on Monday in hopes of trying to figure out how to moderate Donald Trump's increasing use of overt racist tropes and rhetoric. One of the biggest problems they face is finding someone he trusts who can tell him he’s digging a deep hole that could lead to an electoral wipeout in 2020.


By James DiGeorgia


The attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), according to the New York Times have raised great concern…


“Several White House officials agreed during a senior staff meeting on Monday morning that the president’s attacks were a bad move.”

According to New York Times sources, those White House officials attending the meeting concluded the President’s attacks are self-destructive but …

“they were uncertain who could intervene with him — or if anyone would even dare try.”

White House reporters are all hearing that none of the President’s aides are admitting the president’s attacks on Cummings — and now on MSNBC personality Al Sharpton — are part of a grand plan. Most are saying Trump is just upset over statements made by them and is blowing off steam on Twitter, and it is not a re-election strategy.

The New York Times reports that White House officials have concluded…

“that any political benefit the President might derive by revving up his conservative, largely white base could be offset by alienating more moderate voters in the suburbs of states like Wisconsin and Michigan that he needs to win a second term.”

Political analysts are warning that black turnout dropped from 66% to 59.9% and cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election. These attacks could lead to a record turnout in November of black voters and wipe out control of the U.S. Senate and expand Democrat control of the House of Representatives. Polls of women voters show the President is in deep trouble.

If President Trump cannot control himself, how is he going to react if the courts force former White House Counsellor to appear in front of Congressional committees that are exploring whether the President should be impeached? Much less how he will react if Cummings subpoenas for all work-related texts and emails sent or received by White House aides Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump is granted by the courts?

President Trump increasingly appears to be coming unglued.  Earlier today he accidentally blurted out his reason for choosing his new pick to become Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is for the sole purpose of ending investigations that could cause him great damage.

President Trump has complained almost nonstop about the investigations into his actions, his campaign, his transition team, his administration, his businesses, and even his Trump Foundation that has since been shut down. His attacks on the Intelligence Community, the 17 intelligence agencies headed by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) have become so intense and nonsensical, that based on the recent Senate report of Russian interference; one can only wonder if the President has any hold on reality.

Trump was quoted today as saying…

 “I think that John Ratcliffe is going to do an incredible job if he gets approved… I think we need somebody like that’s strong and can rein it in. As you’ve all learned, the intelligence agencies have run amok. They’ve run amok.”

The intelligence agencies have not “run amok,” the truth is according to Dan Coats the current DNI and the former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, they have been working to uncover the truth about Russia’s all-out attack on the U.S. democracy since 2015. Notwithstanding Trump’s repeated attacks against them.

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