SmartShades an Emerging Smart Technology for the Home and Workplace

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 11/04/2022 8:38 PM
SmartShades an Emerging Smart Technology for the Home and Workplace

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SmartShade an Emerging Smart Technology for the Home and Workplace is Gaining Momentum!


Recently, we featured RYSE and examined the development of this technology driven company that creates innovative devices to help solve the problem of wasted energy in homes and buildings by simply automating window shades.



Here is the most recent feedback from their commercial clients… To get a sense of what they think of the product, read the reviews they have left after using SmartShades.



WorkPlace One

From private offices to coworking, professional office space created and maintained to the highest standards for business professionals.

According to Adrian Wong, Operations Manager: 

"I was immediately impressed with RYSE and their SmartShade device, as well as its software automation capabilities in providing energy savings and improving the comfort of our occupants.  Our members have often complained about extreme heat gains due to the window shades being left open during the day. RYSE SmartShade is being installed in our windows and automated to reduce solar heat gain, harvest daylight, and save energy while improving the overall comfort of our co-working companies."



Bateman MacKay

John Doma, a RYSE investor, is the proud owner of Bateman MacKay, a comprehensive, mid-market Chartered Public Accounting firm. Here's what he has to say:

"I immediately saw the benefits for a solution like SmartShade, not only in the general market but in our own office space. As the Managing Partner of a CPA Accounting firm, we own our office building, where we work and also lease office space. 

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve overall comfort in our working conditions. We have beautiful architectural windows facing the west, however, this gives rise to complaints of solar heat gain during the hot summer season, causing discomfort for our tenants and fellow team members. We have installed tinted windows that were supposed to reduce the heat gain, however, the temperature variance continued. 

We're now excited to have SmartShades installed on our existing window shades and automated to block solar heat gain and reduce discomfort for our tenants. We also expect benefits during the winter months in energy savings, thereby further reducing our carbon footprint. With these benefits, I have personally invested in RYSE."