Senator Graham Must Testify Before Georgia Special Grand Jury

by Wall Street Rebel - James DiGeorgia | 11/03/2022 5:36 PM
Senator Graham Must Testify Before Georgia Special Grand Jury

The Supreme Court observed in its ruling that Senator Lindsey Graham had been accorded extensive safeguards by lower courts, including the right not to testify on matters relating to his official responsibilities.


Senator Lyndsey Graham went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to avoid giving testimony to the Special Grand Jury impaneled by Fulton County, Georgia District attorney Fani T Willis. In the end, Graham has to comply with the subpoena seeking testimony from the South Carolina Senator about his activities in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

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The decision by SCOTUS was a mere paragraph long and noted no dissents. The order said that Mr. Graham had been afforded substantial protections by lower courts, which had all ruled that he did not have to testify on subjects related to his official duties.

"The lower courts assumed that the informal investigative fact-finding that Senator Graham assertedly engaged in constitutes legislative activity protected by the speech or debate clause" of the Constitution, the order said, "and they held that Senator Graham may not be questioned about such activities."

The SCOTUS decision refused to stay rulings by lower courts that permitted questioning on other topics, and it noted that Mr. Graham remained free to object to questions that implicated his legislative activities.

"The lower courts also made clear that Senator Graham may return to the district court should disputes arise regarding the application of the speech or debate clause immunity to specific questions," the order said. "Accordingly, a stay or injunction is - not necessary to safeguard the senator's speech or debate clause immunity."

Now the questions are…

Will Senator Graham plead the 5th, lie or tell the truth? Will he try to stall his testimony claiming his calls to Georgia officials were made as part of his official duties?

Fulton County's DA Fani Willis has been investigating whether former President Donald J. Trump and his allies interfered with the 2020 election in Georgia. The case could be one of the most perilous legal problems for Mr. Trump.

Senator Graham has already argued to the lower courts that he didn't have to testify because the call he made to Georgia election officials were all part of Mr. Graham's Senatorial activities and his legislative obligations to make sure the electoral count was accurate, 

The appeals court panel hearing this argument said it would not block Senator Graham from "communications and coordination with the Trump campaign regarding its postelection efforts in Georgia, public statements regarding the 2020 election and efforts to 'cajole' or 'exhort' Georgia election officials."

The appeals court panel and SCOTUS just didn't buy into Senator Graham's lawyer, Mr. McGahn, argument…

"That after the phone calls to Mr. Raffensperger, Mr. Graham "relied on the information gained from the calls" to certify Joseph R. Biden Jr. "the legitimate president of the United States" and to help sponsor legislation to amend federal elections law.

Without a stay from SCOTUS, Senator Lindsey Graham will now have to make himself available to be questioned by the Fulton County Special Grand Jury, DA Willis, and her legal team.

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               Supreme Court Denies Stay For Graham's Testimony In Georgia Election Probe

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