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Scarborough Should Sue Trump: Multi-Billion Slander Suit

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/31/2020 11:18 AM
Scarborough Should Sue Trump: Multi-Billion Slander Suit

Donald Trump’s bullying, intentional lying, threats, and extortion on Twitter and Facebook, to falsely accuse MSNBC Morning Joe’s Host of committing murder in 2001 is indefensible. It should cost him $10 to $20 billion.


Opinion by James DiGeorgia

On July 20, 2001, Lori Klausutis 28 suffered dizziness from an undiagnosed heart ailment or defect. She fell, hitting her head, causing her death in Scarborough’s district office in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The then-Congressman Joe Scarborough was in Washington, D.C., nearly 800 miles away.

The case was closed after an autopsy coroner’s inquisition. So, when President Trump repeatedly calls the circumstances around Mrs. Klausutis’s death a “Cold Case” and insists that Joe Scarborough be further investigated, he is committing libel and defamation. Donald Trump’s doing so as the President of the United States does not indemnify him from a civil suit.  This is done thanks to a ruling by a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in 1998 in which Paula Jones’s sexual harassment suit against President Bill Clinton, could proceed even though President Clinton was in office.

Both Joe Scarborough and Lori Klausutis’s husband and family could file lawsuits against the president while he is still in office in any state in the country because Trump’s Tweets and public statements reach followers nationwide. And because the subjects of his libelous tweets and statements to the media have had nothing to do with his presidential responsibilities, Trump has no way to hide behind an assertion of executive privilege.

Damages would not be hard to prove either. President Trump, his deplorable and Russian internet bot army have relentlessly ground out despicable acts — gratuitous insults to war heroes, over 18,000 (and counting) false or misleading statements, many decisions courts have ruled illegal. President Trump’s wantonly cruel tweets about the tragic death in 2001 of Lori Klausutis are distinctive in that he has openly made it clear that its retaliation for Morning Joe’s legal our free speech to criticize the President’s political agenda and illegal acts. As a result, they constitute intentional torts for which a civil jury could award punitive damages against him.

Trump’s claim that the tragic death of Lori Klausutis remains an open “cold case” is an outright lie, and tying it to Joe Scarborough opens the door to a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.

The very fact that Scarborough was 800 miles away means that Trump is attempting to phrase his accusations as unfounded questions…

″A blow to her head? Body found under his desk? Left Congress suddenly? A big topic of discussion in Florida... and, he’s a Nut Job (with bad ratings),” Keep digging, use forensic geniuses!”

…provides no defense for the apparent intent to damage Joe Scarborough and cause grief and emotional pain to Lori Klausutis’s widower and family.

If Joe Scarborough and Lori Klausutis’s husband file suit,  Trump may be forced to give depositions during the next few months in the middle of his re-election campaign. The videotape of the deposition could end up being released before an election that will take place when as many as 250,000 American’s have died of Covid-19.

The court trialing the case could also order Trump to turn over every bit of his financial information, tax records even before a trial takes place.

We at Wall Street Rebel encourage both Joe Scarborough, Mr. Klausutis, and the Klausutis family to join forces and sue President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., for $20 billion for their crocodile tears, malicious, and intentional lies.  We, like others, believe the President and even his son could face the choice of ending up with a multi-billion judgments or publicly admitting they both said and Tweeted intentional falsehoods to strengthen their political position. Such a settlement could still cost both President Trump and his son many billions in damages. 

The truth could also help remove the want for Trump to be a dictator.

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