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Russian State Media Encourages Trump: Allow Violent Protests

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 06/01/2020 4:10 PM
Russian State Media Encourages Trump: Allow Violent Protests

Daily Beast’s Russia expert Julia Davis is reporting Vladimir Putin wants the violent protests sweeping the United States to continue for as long as possible, believing it will help Trump get re-elected by scaring white voters.

On Saturday, Wall Street Rebel posed the question…

Is Russia’s Putin Sending White Supremacist Groups to Riot?

According to Julia Davis, while Russian reporters covering protests on American soil appear to sympathize with the protesters, what its state media is reporting to its domestic audiences  proves Trump is “Putin’s Puppet.”

Russian propaganda being fed the Russian people is focused on the protests taking place throughout the United States in reaction to the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis - as being race riots.

Russian war correspondent Dmitry Steshin a Putin Puppet who works for the state-owned Komsomolskaya purporting to give American protesters advice that is making a…

“Mockery of the ongoing protests in the United States made references to ‘muscular criminal Negroes,’ described ‘twerking’ as the ‘national Negro dance’ and is recommending protesters should take amphetamines and cause as many deaths as possible.”

Putin believes that if he can work behind the scenes to escalate the protests, enough white America will be so scared they will re-elect President Trump. 

President Trump is buying into the advice 100%. Trump, on Monday, told U.S. governors they were “weak” for not being more aggressive in enforcing laws against the demonstrations. Trump said during a video teleconference with governors, law enforcement and national security officials, audio of which was obtained by CBS News.

“You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time,”

 “They’re going to run over you…You’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate.”

“You’ve got to arrest people…You have to track people. You have to put them in jail for ten years, and you’ll never see this stuff again.”

Trump’s comments don’t just have the appearance of his being made by a fascist dictator want-to-be. They are precisely the kind approach used by fascists.


Alt: (Trump Tweet Mayor and Governors)
Alt: (Trump Tweet Mayor and Governors)
Alt: (Trump Tweet Mayor and Governors)

In cities across the country, white supremacists, members of the KKK, and white nationalists who have infiltrated the protests have broken curfews, set fires and looted stores. Police responded with shows of force, lobbing flashbangs, spraying tear gas and firing rubber bullets.

The police forces have also repeatedly been caught on camera physically attacking protesters without provocation, assaulting and arresting members of the press, lying about the arrests only to discover their lies about the arrests being exposed by video. They’ve even arrested an undercover FBI agent because he was black.

Putin is in his glory as Russia’s version of 60 minutes host Evgeny Popov pushed the lie that …

“Russia doesn’t have such levels of poverty as the United States. Russia doesn’t have any cities that the police cannot enter. Not one. I can name at least ten such cities in America. Ten no-go cities for the police, which they can enter only in APC’s (Armored Personnel Carriers) and fully armed.”

Evgeny Popov went on to tell the Russian people another Putin lie, saying the U.S. Press is taking Trump’s side over the protesters.

Russian media is telling the Russian people that they (Putin) believe the street violence and extensive damage to property will ultimately benefit the president….


 “It would be better for Trump to wait it out—just not too long—to terrorize a significant part of the society; 83 percent of the Minnesotans are white, a great majority,” political scientist Vladimir Kornilov explained. “That’s why he should wait it out, to create fear and terror. And then he can ride in on a white horse as someone who will restore order. That will be very important for him right now, especially in light of the economic difficulties.” 


If there was any doubt over the duplicitous interference by Russia’s Putin, it was recklessly exposed by Kremlin adviser Sergei Markov who came out re-enforcing the strategy of violence…


 “This is to Trump’s benefit.”


“While Trump has tried repeatedly to cozy up to Putin, what we’re seeing in America now is what the Kremlin has wanted for a long time.”

The Daily Beats, Julia Davis, explained.


“Back in 2018, appearing on Russia’s state TV show The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow’s State University, Andrey Sidorov, complained: ‘Unfortunately, Trump didn’t reach the level of Abraham Lincoln and didn’t drive the U.S. to civil war. That’s sad. Hopefully, he’ll become Herbert Hoover and at least drive them into a Great Depression.'”


“In 2020, the Kremlin’s wish list is on the verge of being fulfilled, as the perfect storm of the coronavirus pandemic, economic turmoil and civil unrest has been unleashed upon the United States.”


Meanwhile, the false narrative about the protests had Trump denying he was rushed into a bunker for protection from protesters who surrounded the White House.


Trump first denied via Twitter…he was moved to a bunker for his safety. This claim prompted the usually very secret service to come straight and expose the president was lying, and he was moved to a bunker.

Alt: (Trump Tweet Fake News)


Trump appears on his way towards a landslide defeat on November 3, 2020. The enormity of his constant lies, his disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has already cost 105,000 deaths that appear to be headed to 250,000 by Election Day and an unemployment rate of 15%, 20%, 25% even 30% is the recipe for a devastating re-election defeat. It could cost the GOP control of the senate.


Today’s decision by the Chinese to cease-and-desist from buying agriculture products will only further damage the U.S. economy and make Trump’s re-election even less likely.


Trump isn’t going to be able to tariff Chinese imports if the Chinese have resolved not to import anything to the United States and pursue a cold war, hot war strategy.


Farmers face the prospect of not getting any further bailouts passed through the House or Senate unless Trump and Mitch McConnell give in on including a bailout for the States. Another round of $1,200 or weekly cash payments to U.S. citizens and a $3 trillion for infrastructure spending and the monies for modernizing and facilitating mail-in voting infrastructure for the 2020 election is needed.

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