Russian Rebels Trying to Overthrow Putin: The Coup We Predicted Coming

by James DiGeorgia | 05/10/2023 10:21 PM
Russian Rebels Trying to Overthrow Putin: The Coup We Predicted Coming

Russia’s authoritarian dictator masquerading as the head of a Democracy faces a growing threat from his own citizens as the casualty count rises in Ukraine and despair sets in among its military. Hopefully, the revolutionary force will take Putin alive and turn him over to the Hauge for trial for his crimes against humanity.


The third Russian Revolution in 107 years is coming; hopefully, the government that rises in the aftermath returns the Russian Federation’s democracy, captures Putin and his accomplices alive, and turns them over to the International Court at the Hague for their illegal barbaric invasion of Ukraine, and their crimes against humanity.

If not, bullets to his and the heads of his accomplices. The revolutionary guerrilla forces in opposition must be encouraged to capture Vladimir Putin and his minions alive and not execute them after taking power as Lenin did with Czar Nicholas and his family following the 1917 revolution.

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A new government that, within a year, completes a transition back to a democracy and free market for the betterment of 99% of its citizenry must be encouraged by big carrots like…

  • Restoration of assets pilfered by Putin and his Oligarchs to the Russian people.
  • World Bank financing to rebuild a free market economy.
  • Conditional trial membership in the European Union. With a plan set in stone to bring the country into this organization within thirty-six months.
  • Restoration of the G8 and all world organizations.
  • Lifting ALL sanctions imposed on Russia simultaneously as it lifts its sanctions on the United States and its 40 allies.
  • Agrees to work in good faith for a comprehensive nuclear treaty that includes China, India, Pakistan, Iran, and Israel. The reckless headlong race into Armageddon must be halted.
  • Return all natural resources and business assets belonging to foreign corporations in Russia and individuals seized by Putin and his government to corporations and individuals that had to be shut down by them since the invasion of Crimea in 2014.

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