Rudy Giuliani Like Frog in Pot of Water Heading towards a Boil

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 04/28/2021 4:12 PM
Rudy Giuliani Like Frog in Pot of Water Heading towards a Boil

Federal Investigators served warrants on “America’s Mayor” to search former Donald Trump’s lawyer’s home, office in New York City and seize his cell and digital phones on Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal reports the Federal investigators are adding a new ongoing investigation and are examining communications between him and a right-wing operative.


The Southern District of New York ran into a wall in its investigations of Rudy Giuliani during the last year of the Trump Administration. Trump’s defeat and the swearing-in of Judge Garland as the new U.S Attorney General have reopened those former investigations and bow a new one has also begun.

Many, including this reporter, believe the Trump sycophant will wind up disbarred and disbarred in the next 12-18 months.  The billions of dollars he’s being sued for by the two voting machine companies are both civil lawsuits that will make life a nightmare. The newfound federal prosecutors’ attention to possible crimes he may have committed will destroy him and perhaps land him in the same federal prison that Bernie Madoff passed away in.

According to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney Robert Costello according to the WSJ…

“The warrant sought communications between Mr. Giuliani and individuals including John Solomon, a columnist who was in communication with Mr. Giuliani about his effort to push for investigations of Joe Biden in Ukraine.”

Two years ago, Mr. Solomon used his opinion column at to help spread absolutely bogus claims of Obama administration corruption in Ukraine that were central to former President Donald Trump’s smear campaign against President Joe Biden.  Their plan was an attempt to cripple President Biden’s 2020 campaign for the Presidency. backtracked eventually and reviewed Solomon’s columns and found that he failed to make several necessary disclosures about his sources of information while also working to muddy the waters of opinion writing and complex news reporting. In short, his pro-Trump bias was compounded by outright lies, misrepresentations, and intentional fabrications.

After and Mr. Solomon’s columns went public, they were taken to task for the trust he placed in Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, who made blatantly false claims at former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.  He accused her of giving Ukrainian officials a blacklist of people they were supposedly not allowed to prosecute. Implying the Obama Administration was providing protection for Vice President Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Former President Trump’s efforts to withhold military aid to Ukraine until it agreed to publicly announce it was investigating the Biden family eventually led to his first impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.  For the first time in U.S. history, members of the House and Senate of President Trump’s party voted to impeach him.

A pair of legal analysts agreed that the raid on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment was a significant step in the criminal investigation into his dealings in Ukraine while serving as Donald Trump’s attorney.

According to a CNN interview of legal analysts, Elie Hoenig and Laura Coates on Wednesday, the DOJ search warrant against the former president’s personal attorney is significant. The warrant covers a broad range of potential crimes. Hoenig said during their interview on CNN…

“This is a big deal,” Hoenig said. “It tells me this investigation is live and ongoing. Three things have to happen here. First of all, prosecutors have to make a case and put together a document explaining why there’s what we call probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and there will be evidence of the crime found in the location, here in Rudy Giuliani’s residence. Second of all, this would have to be approved by the highest levels of [the Department of Justice], up to and including the deputy attorney general and possibly the attorney general because this involves the search of an attorney, which is sensitive, and a sensitive person, who was the attorney for the prior president, and the prior DOJ under Bill Barr said no. Finally, that document asking for approval has to go over to a federal judge in the [Southern District of New York], and agree, yes, prosecutors, you established probable cause there was a crime committed, and you will find evidence of that crime committed in Rudy Giuliani’s residence.”

While it’s not clear precisely what crimes prosecutors are investigating, they are getting enough from the warrant, which has led to Giuliani’s home searching that prosecutors could find evidence leading to a wide range of possible local, state, and federal charges. Laura Coates, during the CNN interview, said…

“The world is their oyster at this point in time.”

“You are talking about the idea of looking through all the documents and electronic devices, as well, and they could have an expensive investigation, and we know about the idea of failing to register as a foreign agent, and there could be statements where some are cooperating with the SDNY to give them information to say here’s why you have the probable cause to believe that these particular documents will be there.”

“This has been a long time coming, and there’s been an opportunity for Rudy Giuliani to do away with the information, and of course, he himself is an attorney, and I would like to extend the benefit of the doubt to a fellow colleague to say he would not try to do away with evidence, and here they are looking for everything. A judge is not going to just sign off because there’s a hunch. There has to be some specificity about a particular document or set of documents and particular evidentiary objects as well, and they are looking at cell phones, laptops, and computers and look for things that other people have said will be there.”

“At this point in time, the next thing to look at is whether or not the former president will try and step in some way with his counsel and assert some sort of privilege if he believes anything on those documents or devices might implicate him or attorney-client privilege.”


             Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s home, office searched by federal agents

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