Rogue Russian Security Forces Suspected in Darya Dugina's Murder

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 08/22/2022 12:09 AM
Rogue Russian Security Forces Suspected in Darya Dugina's Murder

The members of Putin's inner circle are on high alert after a car bomb claimed the life of the daughter of the man who was the brains behind Putin's invasion of Ukraine.


Alexander Dugin is believed to have been the intended victim of a device planted beneath his car. Alexander Dugin is renowned as "Putin's brain."

Rogue forces inside Russia's security agencies and resistance fighters seeking to destabilize the state are among the suspects in the death of Darya Dugina, 30, in Moscow.

Dugin's career has been very intriguing. He went from being a fringe ideologue to leading a popular school of thought in Russia that sees Russia as the center of a "Eurasian" empire that fights Western decadence. He was the first person to think about what is now called "the Russian world." His family is full of Russian military commanders and is 60 years old.

Along the way, this thread has turned into a deep hatred of Ukraine's identity as something different from Russia's.

Before Russia took over Crimea in 2014, Dugin helped back the word "Novorossiya," which means "New Russia," and refers to a state that includes parts of Ukraine that used to be part of Ukraine. In March of that year, Russian President Vladimir Putin used this phrase when he officially said that Crimea was a part of Russia.

Since he was young, Dugin intensely disliked Ukrainians who didn't want to become part of "mother Russia." In May 2014, when violence broke out in Odesa and killed dozens of pro-Russian protesters, he said, "Either Ukraine needs to be wiped off the map and started over from scratch, or people need to get it." [Odesa] In my opinion, the people of Ukraine need an entire uprising on all fronts and in all areas. Not just in the southeast of the region. There was an armed revolt against the junta.

However, the Neo-Nazi mystic, also a close political supporter of Putin, switched automobiles at the last minute on Saturday evening, which allowed him to avoid being killed in the explosion.

The assassination of the Kremlin elite was shocking, and it prompted heated demands in the media that support Putin for nuclear strikes against Ukraine and the West.

But analysts have doubts that Kyiv would have ordered the hit, and they believe that the responsibility lies with forces far closer to home.

It is said that Putin's health is "sharply failing" and that he is floundering strategically as he approaches loss in Ukraine. This news comes at a time when these rumors are circulating.

The explosive device that was planted under the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that she was driving has been confirmed by detectives in Moscow today.

The father and daughter combo were on their way back from a "Tradition" event and were supposed to ride in the same automobile; however, the father, decided at the last minute to take a separate vehicle.

At the scene, pictures were taken of Dugin clutching his head in his hands as he watched Darya's automobile burn to the ground. After some time, he was transferred to the hospital.

The cronies of Vladimir Putin demanded that Russia exact their vengeance on the politicians in Kyiv to regain their dominance.

The Russian puppet authority in occupied Donetsk claimed that "terrorists of the Ukrainian regime" were responsible for the explosion, although the beleaguered nation has denied any culpability for the incident.

According to some analysts, the ambush was planned to instill fear in Putin loyalists like Dugin, who is regarded as a mastermind behind the conflict in Ukraine.

In addition, it caused the senior generals working for the president to become concerned that they would be the next target.

Now that rumors are circulating that security officers seek to remove Putin from power, Putin's obedient subordinates are being scrutinized with suspicion.

It is speculated that members of Putin's FSB espionage agency may have been responsible for planning and assaulting Dugin's vehicle.

Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky, a Russian historian, stated that the vehicle bomb was "most likely part of an internal Russian war" and that it was organized by individuals who had an interest in removing Dugin from power.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, he stated, "The blowing up of the automobile of the famed Russian fascist and ideologist of the Putin government, Alexander Dugin, was coordinated by the Russian security services."

Since the Ukrainian special services are currently engaged in a violent conflict with the aggressor on Ukrainian soil, it is highly improbable that they will be able to dispatch their officers to Moscow to organize terrorist operations there."

The historian referred to Dugin as a "repugnant character in the Russian nationalist movement" who had significant ties to other countries worldwide.

In addition, he made a veiled reference to the fact that "Putin's Rasputin's" money and influence may have caused other Russians to set their sights on him.

After receiving criticism from his adviser for not going far enough in Ukraine, Putin was criticized for not ordering the hit on Dugin, which prompted other experts to explore the possibility that Putin himself may have ordered the impact on Dugin.

While this was going on, a former member of the Duma parliament who was kicked out for anti-Kremlin activities reiterated the suspicions of an internal conflict, but he placed blame on "partisans" for the disagreement.

Ilya Ponomarev, who is currently located in Ukraine, asserted that the explosion was the work of the National Republican Army, which, according to him, is plotting the overthrow of Vladimir Putin.

He referred to the ominous manifesto they had published, in which they threatened to "depose and destroy" the leader who craved conflict.

Ponomarev also claimed that the underground gang was planning attacks of a similar nature against other prominent Russians, such as billionaires and politicians.

He added: "An important occurrence occurred last night in Moscow's vicinity. This incident ushers in a new era for the resistance movement in Russia against Putinism " New, but not the final version."

The freedom fighters aim to free their nation from the tyrant's oppressive dictatorship and are not afraid to take on the "accomplices" of the tyrant in the process.

Abbas Gallyamov, a political analyst and a former speechwriter for Vladimir Putin, has also weighed in on the assassination. He referred to it as a "symbolic act" that was intended to terrify Kremlin followers.

An assistant to the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, named Mykhailo Podolyak, denied any complicity on the part of the Ukrainian government. He stated, "We are not a criminal state, unlike Russia, and especially not a terrorist state."


             Deadly car bomb detonates outside Moscow




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