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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Warns COVID-19 Coronavirus Could Spread Faster Without Medicare for All

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 02/26/2020 3:45 PM
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Warns COVID-19 Coronavirus Could Spread Faster Without Medicare for All

She’s right 44 million Americans are without health insurance. Another 36 million are underinsured and cannot afford the deductibles, cost of medicines, and sometimes needed life-saving procedures.


It’s a fair question. Suppose Coronavirus (COVID-19) starts to spread here in the United States, and it mutates into a nightmare scenario from being 2% fatal to 35% fatal? What do those who have insurance do to protect themselves from potentially 80 million people without health insurance, and those who are underinsured?

Well progressive lioness, the youngest member of Congress ever elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), has given it some thought. She is warning that the restaurant sector of our everyday lives is one of the ways the virus could spread in America. Referring to her gig in the restaurant industry to pay her way through school, she tweeted…

“I can’t tell you how many times the people who handle your food — who are already overworked and underpaid — show up sick to work because our country refuses to guarantee healthcare or paid sick leave,”

When you consider the possibility of the next virus that leaks out of a Chinese, Russian, or a United States “research facility” could be even more contagious than COVID-19 and kills 35% of those who contract the virus. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t sound like the left-leaning socialist she’s made out to be by the Trumpsters; she looks like a humanist and pragmatist.

President Trump and Mitch McConnell stripping away the protections of Obamacare, reduction of personnel at the Centers for Disease Control, and other healthcare cuts may well result in the deaths of tens of millions of American’s. Many of whom will have health insurance and will have been able to pay for their care ultimately.

I wonder how many of those who die during a nightmarish pandemic solely because 80 million of their fellow Americans were without health insurance or were underinsured.

How many will die in the rural Red States that is experiencing the closings of scores of hospitals? How many in Kentucky?

President Trump does not reassure me. He’s usually poorly informed.  The fact is that the world doesn’t even have a reliable test for the Coronavirus.

The scans you see on the news, and tests referred to are all for symptoms. The same symptoms in common with an ordinary cold, Mr. Rush Limbaugh points out.

I legitimately wonder if Trump knows people with the virus, display no symptoms, and passes the current method of first response testing. They may have been among the health passengers his state department brought back from Japan.

Donald likely has no clue the incubation period is now believed to be as long as 24 days.  

It’s a fundamental basic medical fact, finding a cure as quickly as possible starts with developing a test to diagnose the virus in asymptomatic patients - Mr. President.

So, Trump’s staff should be telling him not to say the Coronavirus is “under control” on the same day the CDC is warning Americans to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nose-dive of over 1,900 points of the Dow Jones Trump is blaming his underlings, may wind up turning into 3,000 point decline before this correction is over. Jim Cramer said today on Mad Money that the market isn’t oversold. Geoff Garbacz of Gold and Energy Options Trader agrees. We’re not that oversold - despite being down more than 6% in the two trading sessions.

So let’s review!

We don’t have reliable tests for the Coronavirus! The CDC is warning of a possible pandemic!  A Harvard Scientist is saying 70% of the world population could come down with this virus and kill 2%! Seriously this virus could affect 35% of the population because of a world filled with crooked Kleptocrats who would rather stuff their pockets and build hospitals and healthcare safety nets.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) may be a Democratic Socialist, but to me, she makes more sense than Trump on literally everything, even though I differ with her some issues.

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