Red Alert: Russell Small Cap Index is Breaking Down!

by James DiGeorgia | 07/08/2020 3:01 PM
Red Alert: Russell Small Cap Index is Breaking Down!

We’re convinced the U.S. Stock Market is heading towards another March 23, 2020 nightmare. We just took a one day profit of 25% on IWM Puts (Russell Small Cap Index). We think it’s the beginning of several trades that will deliver nice profits shorting the equity markets.


The Russell Small Cap Index (IWM) is flashing a sell signal on our software. The key index often leads the broader market up or down. It has now violated its 61.8% trend line.

Alt: (Chart Russell Small Cap Index )

Yesterday, in our Options Index Trader service, we shorted the IWM with PUT options and just took a 25% profit. Year to date, we are up 251.83% in total net profits before brokerage fees and commissions, which averages 83.94% a month. Our goal in this service is to generate 100% a month in net profits.*

We believe this is going to be possible because we expect the U.S. stock market participants to wake up and realize the COVID-19 pandemic is out of control in the United States, and will soon come to the realization that earnings are not only going to be non-existent but that enormous losses are going to be inflicted on tens of thousands of business across the public and private spectrum.

We are about to make additional PUT recommendations in Options Index Trader. The monthly subscription price is just $149 a month.* We are about to make additional options recommendations that we believe will bring in huge profits as the 50% and 38.2% retracement levels are broken.


*Gross profit doesn’t include the diminutive brokerage fees and commissions charged by your broker. Please read the Options Index Trader risk disclosure statement.

 *Past performance is not a guarantee for success. You can lose all your money trading and investing in stocks. All trades are hypothetical, and individual results will verify on time of entry and exit.

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