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RED ALERT! Putin's Doing Every Thing He Can To Ignite a Devastating War In The Middle-East For Only One Reason...

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 04/20/2018 11:07 AM
RED ALERT! Putin's Doing Every Thing He Can To Ignite a Devastating War In The Middle-East For Only One Reason...

Russia's financial fortunes are tied to the price of oil. The voluntary cuts made largely by Saudi Arabia and Russia have pushed crude oil prices to almost $70 a barrel but Putin needs crude oil over $90 to turn the economic misery around in Russia. Investors and speculators take note!

U.S. and allied force missile strikes in Syria at its chemical weapons production capacity this past Friday evening, thanks to President Trump were nothing more than Kabuki Theater. U.S Ambassador to Russian John Huntsman met with Kremlin officials before the strikes to stage them in a way as to make it look as if Trump was actually enforcing his pre-established chemical weapons red line, while really only putting on a show to counter the well deserved widespread perception that he's Putin's bitch.

Playing Putin's fool however only helps the former KGM head's longer term goals be realized which is instigating and moving the middle-east into a bloody war that catapults crude oil to over $100 a barrel. To that end Russia is encouraging Iran to play a bigger role in Syrian's civil war to give camouflage is growing military buildup directly on the borders of Israel.

Until February, Israel has limited its military targets in Lebanon to those manned by Iranian proxy Hezbollah, when Israel shot down an Iranian drone flying directly over Israeli territory. Then Israeli launched an attack against the Iranian drone factory at an airbase near Homs, Syria using missiles launched from one or more of its German built nuclear armed submarines positioned in the Mediterranean.

Israeli official army spokesman, Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, acknowledged the Israeli downing of the drone saying the drone’s flight path and Israel’s “intelligence and operational analysis of the parts of the Iranian unmanned drone indicated that the aircraft was carrying explosives.”

Observers of Iran's escalation of military adventurism are rightfully pointing out that this is the first time that Iran has dared to engage Israel directly and — not by proxy”. (Save this link. This may be the first Tom Friedman column in years that has contained news and hasn’t involved praising dictators, or their high-speed rail systems, or involved a colloquy with a foreign cab driver.)
Iran has vowed to retaliate:

Iran's Bahram Ghassemi, spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, warned following the Israel's retaliatory saying ...
“Tel Aviv will be punished for its aggressive action. The occupying Zionist regime will, sooner or later, receive an appropriate response to its actions”. The Israeli strike at Iranian assets in Syria comes on top of its killing at least seven Iranian military personnel during Israel's missile strike on the T4 airfield, including Colonel Mehdi Dehghan, who led the drone unit.

If Iran,and its Syrian or Hezbollah proxies strike back at Israel, Iran's command structure and facilities in Syria which in released aerial images of Iranian facilities by Israeli military intelligence has released underscore the vulnerability of these targets. Yet, there's a bigger danger and that's what Putin is trying to exacerbate.

Hezbollah has 150,000 missiles supplied by Iran aimed at Israel and Putin is doing everything it can to raise tensions to trigger the terrorist organization into launching them. Putin knows full well Israel will devastate the Hezbollah in response to a missile barrage and now that's already engaged and targeted Iranian forces in Syria and directly in the Radical Shiite state's own boarders.

Netanyahu’s warnings should be taken seriously. From the Jewish state's perspective the best time for a military escalation of this size and danger is for it to happen while U.S., France and England still all have a increased military presence in the region. All have battle ships and aircraft carriers in striking distance of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Given Putin's instigation of all these recent Iranian hostilities he's on the same page as the Israeli prime minister.

The prospect of a larger war in the region involving direct military exchanges between Iran, Israel and its allies would likely catapult the price of crude oil over $90, now trading around $70. While actual direct engagement and Israeli targeting Iranian oil export facilities would send oil perhaps to over $100 a barrel. Money Russia needs to replenish its foreign reserves its seen dissipated as a result of a steady ratcheting up of western sanction following its invasion and annexation of the Ukrainian's Crimea region.

The ugly but not too secret of this entire situation is that what could escalate into a world war would also help Donald Trump supercharge the U.S. Economy's oil and gas company's profits, and claims that he is re-invigorating our country's economy.

With this all in mind investors should be moving into oil, energy like Ensco plc (Symbol: ESV), Range Resources Corporation (Symbol: RRC) and Exxon Mobil Corporation (Symbol: XOM) and military complex stocks like Northrop Grumman Corp. (Symbol: NOC) Boeing Co ( Symbol: BA), Honeywell (HON) and Raytheon Co (RTN).If a major war is about to erupt, then we need to take action to protect your portfolio and at least turn these bitter lemons into ripened profits.

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