Red Alert: Crude Oil Will Jump to $110 a Barrel if Russia Invades Ukraine

by Wall Street Rebel | Advertisement | 02/14/2022 1:44 PM
Red Alert: Crude Oil Will Jump to $110 a Barrel if Russia Invades Ukraine

We’ve been warning our subscribers to our sister publication World Opportunity Investor that crude oil will spike to or even over $100 a barrel if Russia. We recommend stock options and positions that have already delivered $5,400 profits less brokerage commissions and fees. In just a few weeks, that was 145% profits from a $72 a year newsletter.


Our World Opportunity Investor subscribers who have been following our advice are sitting pretty, taking profits over and over again. Check out closed positions. Suppose Russia invades Ukraine, a natural gas company that we’ve recommended, and an oil company that closed it forward. In that case, sales more than a month ago could jump and deliver another $40,000+ in profits.

Putin isn’t worried at all about NATO. He is worried about his failing economy and doesn’t want Ukraine to join the European Union. An economically thriving Ukraine right next door to Russia where the ruble is now working less than half in terms of U.S. dollars since 2014 when sanctions were imposed, degrading the average Russian’s living standard.

If Putin invades Ukraine, the ruble will likely plummet another 50% in terms of the U.S. Dollar and then continue to decline. A new black market for U.S. Dollars will emerge in Russia, Georgia, Belarus and other Russian-related economies. 

We expect President Biden to release more oil from the national security reserve to keep oil under $120 a barrel. The Biden administration has already authorized more oil leases in one year than President Trump did in 4 years.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine will set off not just a new cold war but wild swings in financial markets around the world. We are working on our February issue of our World Opportunity Investor. We will likely issue buy, sell and hold recommendations via our subscriber alerts a few times this month. If you’re a stock trader, speculator or investor, the keyword is volatility.

Every asset class will be affected because World War III will not be fought with nukes; it will be fought by internet hackers that will attack primary infrastructure targets in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other western aligned nations. The counter-attacks will be devastating, and the world will be on the edge like it was during the Cuban missile crisis.

China could suffer a financial collapse as this confrontation gains steam. The Chinese real estate pyramid is perilously close to the edge of an abyss – free-fall.

World Opportunity Investor is dedicated to making profitable short, medium, and long-term investment recommendations. The wild volatility we will see this year will likely push the S&P down to 4,000 and back to 5,200. The opportunity to profit with some well-placed stock and option purchases on the short and long side shouldn’t be wasted. Subscribe to World Opportunity Investor for just $72 for one year, and you’ll remain a subscriber for years.    

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