Rebel Yell: Celgene (CELG) El Feugo Today

by Geoffrey Garbacz | 12/23/2015 09:49 PM
Rebel Yell: Celgene (CELG) El Feugo Today

We recommended Celgene (CELG) in June of 2014 in Superstock Investor (Morning Matters Portfolio) at a price of $77.66 and it closed yesterday at $111.14. This afternoon it is back to $122.07.

The news is that the company settled patent litigation on Revlimid that allows for a generic in 2026.

News on Revlimid

Many of our names we hold for longer than a year so that if you are a reader of Superstock Investor then you can bank some real coin, not just chump change from trades that last a week or two.

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