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Quack Pro-Trump Lawyer Suing to Turnover Election!

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 12/02/2020 4:27 PM
Quack Pro-Trump Lawyer Suing to Turnover Election!

Another Array of Incompetence shown in the Courtroom by the Trump Campaign Legal Team. U.S. District Judge Pamela Pepper this week admonished attorney Sidney Powell after she filed a motion seeking to undo President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.


Pro-Trump and lawyer to the president Sidney Powell was declared ‘excommunicado’ when Trump and his campaign attorneys went out of their way to distance themselves from her.  Powell has proven herself to be another legal embarrassment after multiple lawsuit filings in now three states proved her to be completely incompetent.

U.S. District Judge Pamela Pepper responded to Powell’s filing to throw out the election results in Wisconsin and award the state’s electoral votes to President Trump pointed out in a court order that Powell’s filing has numerous deficiencies with Powell’s initial motion.

Judge Pepper’s court order points out…

“There was no indication that the plaintiffs gave notice to the adverse parties of the morning’s motion, there was no affidavit filed with the motion, the complaint is not verified, and there was no certification from counsel about the efforts made to give notice to the adverse parties or why notice should not be required,”

In Powell’s Michigan lawsuit, she names a country in the mid-western industrial state, which doesn’t even exist as a center of voter fraud. The lawsuit filed is filled with spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and sections that make no sense what-so-ever.

In her court order, Judge Powell wrote that a second motion from Powell indicated that the first motion was filed accidentally….

“This motion indicates that the earlier motion was an inadvertently filed draft and acknowledges that the referenced proposed order had not been attached,” The judge added… “Because the afternoon motion indicates that the plaintiffs ‘will’ provide electronic notice to the adverse parties, the court does not know whether the plaintiffs have yet provided notice to the adverse parties or when they will do so. Until the plaintiffs notify the court that they have provided notice to the adverse parties, the court will not take any action because the motion does not comply with the requirements of Rule 65(b).”

Reuter’s crime and justice reporter Brad Heath commented on what he called an “amazing pattern” of Sidney Powell and her legal team’s mistakes.

“Just an amazing pattern of lawyers showing up with what they say are the most important cases ever filed and botching the basics,”

Heath tweeted on Wednesday pointing out

“Rocky start continues for Sidney Powell’s election-fraud lawsuit in Wisconsin. The judge assigned to the case says her team filed a draft motion by accident and still hasn’t complied with the basic rules for seeking a temporary restraining order.”

“This particular civil procedure screw-up Powell’s lawsuit means the defendants don’t even have to respond to her request for a temporary restraining order until a week after the Electoral College Meets courtlistener.com/recap/gov.usco

If the plaintiffs have provided notice to the adverse parties, under Civil Local Rule 7(b) (E.D. Wis.), those parties have twenty-one days to respond to the motion, and under Civil L.R. 7(c) the plaintiffs have fourteen days to reply. While the caption of the motion includes the word “emergency” and the attached proposed order seeks an “expedited” injunction, neither the motion nor the proposed order indicate whether the plaintiffs are asking the court to act more quickly or why. As indicated, the motion does not request a hearing. It does not propose a briefing schedule.

Reuter’s Heath also tweeted that even the president’s official team headed by Giuliani is incompetent, saying…

 “Even the President’s lawyers screwed up the everyday rules for suing people.”


                     Trump campaign distances itself from Sidney Powell


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