Putin's Health is 'Worsening' It is Said He is No Longer Attending Meetings

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 08/22/2022 9:24 AM
Putin's Health is 'Worsening' It is Said He is No Longer Attending Meetings

Vladimir Putin could have terminal cancer, but top Western intelligence reports differ widely. An advanced cancer diagnosis could significantly alter Putin's timetable and make a monster even more dangerous to Uktaine and the world.


The 69-year-old Russian president's health has become a topic of speculation over the past few months, and according to an insider within the opposition, he is "no longer attending meetings" as his army continues to fight in Ukraine. Speculation about the Russian president's health has become more prevalent in recent months.

Since the beginning of the year, the General SVR Telegram channel has been spreading rumors that Putin has been diagnosed with cancer and has been dealing with a number of other major medical issues.

According to the assertions of a political analyst, Valery Solovei, the present President of Russia is also displaying symptoms of Parkinson's disease. In-camera footage of Vladimir Putin, his leg appeared to be in a state of continual movement, and his fingers seemed to be twitching. In addition, he appeared to be in pain as he gripped the armrest of the chair he was sitting in.

"The second diagnosis is considerably more damaging than the first mentioned diagnostic, as Parkinson's does not affect the patient's bodily state but rather hinders their capacity to appear in public," the author writes. "The first listed diagnostic is far more harmful than the second listed diagnostic."

The source continued, "With a high degree of plausibility, we can state that very soon the president will no longer be able to participate in significant events directly or have meetings."

It has also been suggested that to conceal his health problems, Vladimir Putin has staged certain occasions with the assistance of body duplicates.

It is said that the dictator, who appears to be sick, is at a loss over how to proceed with his war strategy, torn between employing nuclear weapons and conceding defeat.

Insiders believe that Putin's security personnel have advised the warmongering president that he is out of "good" options, which comes at a time when fresh worries have been raised about the president's health.

This comes as the death toll among Russian forces continues to rise, with more than 44,000 Russian personnel dead and at least 1,800 tanks damaged, according to data provided by the military of Ukraine.

The Kremlin had hoped for an easy win in Ukraine, but courageous defenders are still resisting some six months after the conflict began.

Recently, Russia's occupied territory of Crimea has come under attack and has been the target of kamikaze drone strikes. Russia took possession of Crimea in 2014.

Kyiv has put many burnt-out and seized tanks on display as a show of strength, dealing a humiliating blow to Putin in the process. The tyrant arrogantly believed he could overrun Kyiv in a matter of days.

The opposition source known as General SVR Telegram channel, which makes claims to be able to provide "insider" information and that the Kremlin is supposedly "trying to shut down," has recently made new assertions on his health.

It asserts that there is "despair among senior members of Putin's entourage after learning that he had privately broached the "extreme" option of handing up newly conquered territory to Ukraine in conversations with top advisors.

At the same time, his defense chiefs have issued a warning that a military counterstrike launched by the Ukrainian government is likely to be "successful."

It was hypothesized that such a result would jeopardize his presidency because it would be considered a humiliating and crushing loss.

On the other hand, senior officials working for Putin are reportedly preparing themselves for a "severe deterioration" in his health.

"With a high degree of plausibility, we can state that soon the president will not be able to convene meetings and participate in important events personally," the station, which has long alleged that Putin had cancer and other serious medical problems, added.

It was speculated that the reappearance of the Covid epidemic would be used to justify Putin's absence from the summit.

It asserted that body doubles "had also recently been used pretty extensively" but did not identify where or when this alleged practice took place.

In recent meetings with his security and defense aides, General SVR is reported to have stated the following: "various options were discussed, from the possibility of mobilizing and using tactical nuclear weapons, to opening a second front in a third country, and, finally, to 'gestures of goodwill with the return of the occupied territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv regions to Ukraine.'"

It has been suggested that Putin may open a second front by invading northern Kazakhstan, an area that contains a large number of people of Russian ethnicity. By doing so, he could divert attention away from the disgrace he has brought upon himself in Ukraine.

According to the reports, he has not yet agreed to a full mobilization, which is another alternative, because he fears it may result in widespread rebellion.

However, an "extreme" course of action was also allegedly discussed, involving the return of land in Kherson Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv and land in the Luhansk and Donetsk "people's republics" that were won during the almost six-month long war. This was a wild allegation made by the channel.

It is said that the debate of the "extreme" options in the presence of and at the initiative of the President brought several members of his war team to a state of "despondency."

The channel reported that "without exception, all of Putin's interlocutors realized that the president simply does not have 'good' options for solving urgent and upcoming problems at the front," which translates to "the president does not have 'good' options for dealing with urgent and upcoming problems at the front."

It was stated there would be a "beginning of the end" for his authority and the regime that he heads if such a move was carried out.

In addition, the paper asserted that senior military leaders hold Vladimir Putin responsible for the strategies that have resulted in such devastating losses.

It said there: "Nearly the entirety of Russia's senior military leadership points the finger of blame squarely at President Vladimir Putin for both the unsuccessful start and, more generally, the course of the military operation, as well as the enormous losses of manpower and weapons. They say that Putin is solely responsible for these issues.

Despite this, it was stated that the military leadership "does not doubt that they will be made guilty for all of the mistakes and issues at the front."

According to recent reports, Putin's close friend and fellow hawk Nikolai Patrushev, who is also his top security advisor and a major supporter of the war, recently encouraged the Russian president "to find a way out of the current situation."

The following is an explanation provided by the source: "Almost the entire military hierarchy of Russia blames President Vladimir Putin for the disastrous start and, in general, the path of the military operation, as well as the significant losses of people and weapons."

Despite this, Putin's military leaders have "no doubt" that they will be held accountable for all of the errors and issues at the front.

In the meantime, the Director of the CIA shot off rumors regarding Vladimir Putin's health in July of 2021.

In response to rumors over the health of the Russian leader in July 2021, Bill Burns stated that the individual in question is "far too healthy." On the other hand, he admitted that the things he had said did not constitute "a formal intelligence assessment."

President Putin's health has been the focus of speculation for the past few months, and this speculation has extended to his appearance, movements, and conduct. Sky's Security and Defence Editor Deborah Haynes writes on July 21, 2022, that both the United States and the United Kingdom have indicated that "there is no proof that Putin is suffering from serious ill health." Haynes is citing statements made by both countries.

But what if Putin is dying…What happens to Russia and the world?

Suppose Putin were to adopt the legislation that is currently being considered for passage in Russia. In that case, a clause in the legislation states that Mikhail Mishustin, a "little-known tax officer," would take leadership of Russia.

Mr. Mishustin has held the position of Prime Minister of Russia since January 2020.

If Vladimir Putin were to pass away or become incapacitated for more than three months, the 56-year-old would officially seize control of the Russian government for the duration of that time or until elections could be called to replace him.

In political circles, Mr. Mishustin is considered boring and impotent and someone who does not have any great objectives.

If Vladimir Putin needs surgery, Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Security Council for the Russian federal police, will take temporary control of the government in the interim, according to a statement made by a retired lieutenant general of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service who requested anonymity.

Mr. Patruchev "is not any better than Vladimir Putin."

"If he wins the election, it would only make things worse for the Russian people."


                     Vladimir Putin 'entirely too healthy' - July 2022 CIA Director




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