President Xi and President Trump Claim Progress in Trade Talks

by James DiGeorgia | 02/15/2019 4:04 PM
President Xi and President Trump Claim Progress in Trade Talks

The trade negotiations taking place in China may be nothing but Kabuki Theater despite both parties sincere desire to get a deal done.


By James DiGeorgia

President Donald Trump is bragging once again that his negotiators are making progress in trade talks taking place in Beijing this week, and announced he’s considering extending the tariff truce to sell a potential deal with opposition lawmakers.

Negotiators are supposedly are working towards a written agreement in Beijing and are expected to move the negotiations next week back to Washington.

Trump described the negotiations that were adjourned on Friday in Beijing by saying

“It’s going extremely well,” “If we can make the deal it would be my honor to remove the tariffs, but otherwise many billions of dollars are pouring into Treasury.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping also expressed optimism regarding the meetings in Beijing this past week, saying meetings that were concluded Friday “achieved important progress in another step,” according to a report including his quote in an update from China’s Xinhua News Agency.

Michael London Co-Editor of believes a deal will get done but continues to hold the opinion that President Trump is a blithering idiot

“Trump still doesn’t realize China is not paying the billions of dollar being collected in tariffs. U.S. citizens and companies are paying these billions. He just seems incapable of grasp the fact that not only aren’t the Chinese not paying these penalty tariffs but the amount being collected doesn’t even cover the handouts to the farmers being destroyed by this needless trade war.”

“The President’s trade war is rotten on every front. The tariffs amount to a huge tax hike on U.S. consumers. The tariffs aren’t offsetting the cost of the trade war, and it's causing a tsunami of farm and small business bankruptcies in more than a dozen bright red states that could make his re-election impossible. Trump could very well lose Iowa, Ohio and even the GOP bastion of Kansas in 2020 his chances of re-election will be ZERO.”

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The problem with President Trump is that he may indeed be off his rocker. Today he rambled like a moron in what sounded like he’s going to make after all this time and damage a horrible deal to settle the trade war. He suggested that

He may be intending to launch a campaign to sell a new trade deal reached with China to Democrat leaders

“Any deal I make toward the end I’m going to bring Schumer -- at least offer him -- and Pelosi, -- I’m going to say please join me on the deal,”

“I’ll put them in the room and let them speak up.”

The Trump went on with some nonsense that “if the Chinese agreed to sell half Beijing for a dollar and half of all the boats it has built in the last few years, which is a lot.” Schumer and Pelosi would insist it was a terrible deal.

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