President Trump’s War Against Truth is Backfiring Big Time!

by James DiGeoria | 09/04/2018 1:44 PM
President Trump’s War Against Truth is Backfiring Big Time!
The latest polling average as reported by is clearly starting to indicate the shocking ABC/Washington Post Poll released at the end of last week showing 60% of Americans’ disapproval of President Trump’s performance in office may be a leading indicator of a blue tsunami heading towards the GOP on election day, November 6, 2018.


[Chart: How Unpopular is Donald Trump ]

The President’s behavior and policies appear to be wearing thin on the American public. Whether it’s his twitter rants, his expanding trade war, or his complete disregard for workers to the advantage of corporations in this county, what he’s doing isn’t working. Many will argue that the extensive corruption of his cabinet members has only served to make the environment for this President much more uncomfortable.

The fact is we are less than 63 days from Election Day, and President Trump’s polling numbers are disastrous. According to

“Trump’s struggle with female voters continues:  57% of females disapprove of the president while 34% approve. Trump’s approval rating increases with older voters, however, and is above water with those over 75 years old, with a 47% approval and 45% disapproval. Trump also is popular among those with a high school degree or less, with a 47% approval and 42% disapproval.

A recent preference poll of support for a Democratic-controlled versus Republicans just hit a whopping 14 points.

The picture painted for the GOP looks just as bad according to …

“The Generic ballot test for Congress has the Democrats leading the Republicans 52% to 39%. Independent voters are breaking for the Democratic candidate 46% to 32%.

“In a Generic ballot test for President, the generic Democrat leads the generic Republican 49% to 39%. In this generic ballot test, Independents slightly break for the Democrat 40% to 35%.”

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One can only wonder if President Trump goes ahead with

·        Firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein

·        Pardoning two of his Congressional supporters indicted last week as well as Paul Manafort

·        Forcing the DOJ to open illegal investigations into Trump’s political opponents while shutting down the Russian probe


The already negative polling on these actions could bring about a political nightmare for the Republican Party. Instead of just losing control of the House with a 51 seat loss, they could lose 71 seats and suffer a net 5 seat loss in the Senate.

The biggest two issues for voters in November are now clearly Healthcare premium costs/Pre-existing conditions and GOP corruption, yet the mid-term elections are being framed as a referendum on President Trump.

The Democrats need to focus on the soaring Healthcare premiums; the threat GOP policies represent to people with pre-existing conditions.  In addition, the myriad of corruption of the Trump Administration and its GOP lawmakers what we will see in the election results on November 7th could set the stage for an all-out war on President Trump and his Congressional supporters that leads to a 60 seat majority in the Senate and Majority in the House that occurred in 2008. 


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Wall Street Rebel believes if the Democrats have a super majority in the Senate, you can bet the Supreme Court will be expanded to its original number of 11 Justices with the appointment of 3 more Judges in 2021 to openly undo the judicial gerrymandering of the last two years of the highest court.

Also, instead of appointing moderates like Merrick Garland, the Democratic President elected in 2020 will appoint extremely liberal justices that are 50 years old or younger.

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