President Trump Admits, “We’ll be Cutting" ENTITLEMENTS!

by James DiGeorgia | 03/06/2020 1:37 PM
President Trump Admits, “We’ll be Cutting

President Trump just gave the eventual Democratic nominee all the ammunition needed to win in November, keep control of the House and regain the Senate. In fact, if 2018 was a wave, 2020 could be a blue Tsunami.


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Opinion By James DiGeorgia

During a town hall meeting on Fox News yesterday as the stock market was nose-diving almost another 1,000 points, President Donald J. Trump doomed his re-election hopes along with a dozen more House representatives and control of the U.S. Senate. Trump has decided he can win by admitting he intends to cut Social Security, Medicare, and entitlement programs like Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.

“We — when these trade deals kick in, you know this economy is the best economy we’ve ever had. It’s nothing to what it’s going to be when the trade deals kick in”

He went on after a question posed by an attendee about entitlements to say…

 “We’ll be cutting, but we’re also going to have growth like you’ve never had before,”

First, the president isn’t truthful in his first statement about the economy,

The trade deal worked out between the United States, Canada, Mexico is often referred to as NAFTA 2.0; no doubt improves our trading relationships in the United States. Thankfully it doesn’t give tens of billions in windfall profits to the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to Nancy Pelosi backbone.

There is no net, net windfalls. Even the dairy industry doesn’t wind up with a big pop in revenues from sales in Canada. The competition from nondairy milk competitors like almond milk is cutting the market for milk already and killing small multi-generational family dairy farms. 

The Japanese trade deal represents only a  pledge and has no viability to trade. The ceremony looked real, but it was nothing more than Kabuki Theater to stroke Donald’s ego and fetish or putting on a show. The papers signed with the pomp and ceremony was no more than a pledge to work out a trade deal in the months ahead.

The trade deal with South Korea was his first trade deal, and like NAFTA 2.20, it amounts to KORUS 2.0. The Trump administration’s objection on trade with South Korea has always been much less concerned about problems involving trade than it has been with other trading partners. So KORUS 2.0 made small changes.

The trade deal with China only works if their Central Bank doesn’t have to stave off the banking crisis born from the millions of Chinese businesses that were and continue to be bankrupted because of the coronavirus epidemic. 

A sane President that had real economists advising him would immediately and unilaterally drop all import tariffs as a sign of good faith with China.  China, after all, is containing what could be a viral epidemic that one study predicts that even the best-case scenario will end with 15 million dead and a $2.4 trillion hit to global GDP.

Any bright sophomore majoring in economics will tell you now’s the time to drop as many trade tariffs and trade barriers as possible. The pain suffered worldwide from a global recession will reverberate in the United States’ economy for years. 

 Second, Trump campaigned on protecting Social Security and Medicare in 2016. However, the self-proclaimed king has been cutting the social safety net for the needy, homeless, working poor, retired, and working-class since he took the oath of office.


Trump interview on May 21, 2015, with David Brody – I have a big heart and (as president) you have to take care of people

Now he offers three simple words “We’ll be cutting” and starts promising economic growth as if the indigent, homeless, working poor, retired, and working-class will somehow benefit. 

Assuming with the endorsement of Michigan’s governor yesterday of former Vice President Biden lock in a win, Joe will be the prohibitive front runner after Tuesday.

The video and sound clip containing Donald saying “We’ll be cutting” will be used against him will be leverage in $1.5 Billion of ads in every state by or for the benefit of Joe Biden.

Trump has delivered a Democrat Tsunami in an unforced error of judgment, meanness, and ego. Biden will win big in retirement states like Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas, and New Mexico.

Arizona, a long time red state, is well on its way to turning completely blue with the help of a former astronaut and American hero Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabby Gifford.   Along with farm states like Kansas, Montana, Iowa, Maine, Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Colorado is lost to the GOP thanks to Governor Hickenlooper candidacy for the Senate. Corey Gardner, who?

Joe will also be in a position to rest the Senate away be even taking down Mitch McConnell, who will make millions giving speeches to GOP audiences.  The last-minute decision of Montana Governor Steve Bullock to run for the Senate provides the Biden with to deliver a chance to deliver as many as 12 seats in the upper chamber.

It could also…

  •         Put Donald Trump and many of his family in Rikers Island alongside Harvey Weinstein.
  •         Put many former and current Trump Cabinet members like AG Barr, Rick Perry, Wilbur Ross,  Steven Mnuchin, etc.… behind bars.
  •         Two more Supreme Court Justices will be added to the high court; both will be in their early fifties, and Kamala Harris will replace retiring Justice Ginsburg.
  •         An impeachment investigation into Judge Kavanaugh will force his resignation after House and Senate investigations.   

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