President Donald J. Trump Officially Named By U.S. Prosecutors as Unindicted Co-Conspirator!

by James DiGeorgia | 12/07/2018 8:13 PM
President Donald J. Trump Officially Named By U.S. Prosecutors as Unindicted Co-Conspirator!

The American people deserve to know whether their President is a crook. President Trump is a target in a criminal investigation. Russian aid in getting Trump elected was with his knowledge.

By James DiGeorgia

It’s official now. President Donald Trump has now been named by U.S. prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in sentencing memos.

President knew about the now infamous Russia Tower meeting in 2016. According to one of the two sentencing memos submitted by the New York South District Attorneys

“During the campaign, Cohen played a central role in two similar schemes to purchase the rights to stories – each from women who claimed to have had an affair with Individual...

To suppress the stories and thereby prevent them from influencing the election. Concerning both payments, Cohen acted with the intent to influence the 2016 presidential election. Cohen coordinated his actions with one or more members of the campaign, including through meetings and phone calls, about the fact, nature, and timing of the payments. In particular and as Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual...

As a result of Cohen’s actions, neither woman spoke to the press before the election.”

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In the sentencing memo submitted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller makes it clear that President Trump is the target of a criminal investigation

“First, the defendant provided information about his personal contacts with Russian interests during the campaign and discussions with others in the course of making those contacts,” the memo read.”For example, and as described above, the defendant provided a detailed account of his involvement and the involvement of others in the Moscow Project, and also corrected the record concerning his outreach to the Russian government during the week of the United Nations General Assembly.”

“Second, Cohen provided the SCO with useful information concerning certain discrete Russia-related matters core to its investigation that he obtained by virtue of his regular contact with Company executives during the campaign,” the memo continued.

“Third, Cohen provided relevant and useful information concerning his contacts with persons connected to the White House during the 2017–2018 period,” the memo revealed.

“Fourth, Cohen described the circumstances of preparing and circulating his response to the congressional inquiries, while continuing to accept responsibility for the false statements contained within it.”

Also included in the Mueller filing includes details of communications between Trump’s campaign team and Russian agents in November 2015

“In or around November 2015, Cohen received the contact information for, and spoke with, a Russian national who claimed to be a ‘trusted person’ in the Russian Federation who could offer the campaign ‘political synergy’ and ‘synergy on a government level,'” the memo says. “The defendant recalled that this person repeatedly proposed a meeting between Individual 1 and the President of Russia. The person told Cohen that such a meeting could have a ‘phenomenal’ impact ‘not only in political but in a business dimension as well,’ referring to the Moscow Project because there is ‘no bigger warranty in any project than the consent of the President of Russia.’

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