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NY Times: 20 Years of Trump’s Tax Returns Leak. He’s a Crook

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 09/27/2020 11:52 PM
NY Times: 20 Years of Trump’s Tax Returns Leak. He’s a Crook

The president is a grifter. Since taking the oath of office, Trump has billed the Federal Government $1.9B by his country clubs at home and abroad while playing golf. He filed fraudulent financial records with the Federal Elections Commission.

THE KING OF THE TWITTER FEED SAYS NOTHING. NO TWEETS. NO COMMENTS. If an action tells or the lack of an action tells 10,000 words this was a decisive act of the president missing in action.


President Trump has repeatedly claimed to be worth $10 billion. He made over $430 million from just the Apprentice franchise. So why did he pay only $750 in income taxes in 2016 and as president in 2017?

The outrageous misrepresentations to the IRS and FEC are just the headline of the bombshell revelations. Trump didn’t pay income taxes in the last 10 out of 15 years. Received a $73 million tax refund, the IRS is battling him over.

The New York Times has not identified who provided 20 years of President Trump income tax returns to them. Another party has not verified these tax returns. If they’re real? All hell is about to break out.

Can the New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan DA Cyrus ignore these tax returns?

Tony Schwartz’s ghostwriter of Trump’s Art of the deal suggests the New York Times will get another traunch of evidence. Someone or group is behind exposing the President.


                            NYT Obtains Two Decades Of Trump’s Tax Returns

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