North Korea Offered Troops and Labor to Destroy and Reconstruct Ukraine

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 08/08/2022 10:11 AM
North Korea Offered Troops and Labor to Destroy and Reconstruct Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering over an offer from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to provide Russia with 100,000 North Korean troops. This maneuver comes at a time when Russian troops have lost a substantial number of military members as a result of the stout opposition put up by the Ukrainians. North Korea is also apparently willing to deploy laborers to assist in reconstructing the Donbas area for the benefit of Russia.


Russian official media reports that North Korea has reportedly offered the Kremlin 100,000 "volunteer" soldiers to assist Russia in winning the war against Ukraine. These forces would help Russia defeat Ukraine.

According to the New York Post, a comment made by a military analyst from Russia named Igor Korotchenko was shown on Channel One Russia. He said there are rumors that 100,000 North Korean volunteers are preparing to participate in the fight. This indicates that some Western intelligence analysts have interpreted it as a message that Vladimir Putin does not have the political capital to organize a mass mobilization inside Russia; this interpretation was made based on the fact that the sign was taken.

According to the story in the newspaper, Korotchenko lauded the North Korean military for their "depth of expertise in counter-battery combat."

According to an article published in the military journal 1945, after the decision made by the United States to supply a dozen HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems) to Ukraine, effective counter-battery warfare is of greater significance to the Russian armed forces. Last month, a military analyst told Sinéad Baker of Insider that the long-range, high-precision missiles that Ukraine has been using had made "a significant impact" in the country's attempts to fight the conflict.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, located in New York, North Korea's armed forces have about 1.3 million active troops, which places them in fourth place globally in terms of military size. Additional reserve troops bring the total number to 600,000.

According to the CFR, defense experts have said it works using outdated equipment and technology.

According to the Daily NK, a publication published in South Korea, North Korea has volunteered to provide laborers to aid Russia in reconstructing a post-war Ukraine.

Following reports that the Russian ambassador to Pyongyang said North Korean workers could help rebuild Ukraine, Daily NK has learned that the North Korean authorities have already selected workers to be dispatched to the pro-Russian Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. This comes after the reports that the Russian ambassador to Pyongyang said North Korean workers could help rebuild Ukraine.

According to various sources who spoke with Daily NK, the leadership of North Korea is keen to deploy its countrymen to Ukrainian land while the conflict is still in its early stages.

Daily NK was informed on July 25 by a source working in Russia that the North Korean authorities had given orders to enterprises operating in Russia that they should make ready to transfer employees to the conflict zone.

More than a thousand North Korean employees are now located in Russia, and the North Korean government has plans to move them to the Donbas area.

As a direct consequence of this development, North Korean businesses operating in Russia have until the end of the month to provide Pyongyang with the names of employees to be deported.

In addition, the authorities in North Korea have picked citizens from inside the nation to transfer to the Donbas area in Ukraine.

Some personnel on the waiting list have been dispatched to combat zones in Ukraine by the Overseas Construction Leadership Bureau, the Rungna Guidance Bureau, the Ministry of Fisheries, and the Ministry of Railways. According to a source located inside North Korea, such organizations are the same ones that recruited the majority of employees who were sent to Russia in the past.

It seems that the North Korean authorities want to begin by dispatching employees currently in Russia to the Donbas area. Subsequently, the North Korean authorities intend to send more personnel to North Korea in response to any requests made by the Russian government.

Even after sealing the national border in January 2020 to prevent the inflow of COVID-19, the North Korean authorities continued sending laborers to various sections of Russia to earn foreign cash. Daily NK has this information.

It seems that the North Korean authorities have been sending North Korean laborers to Russia in very small groups due to the difficulties that are now associated with sending North Korean workers abroad in big numbers.

According to reports, a sizeable portion of those who were supposed to be sent to the conflict zone at the behest of the Russian government has shown reluctance to do so because they would be required to do hazardous and low-paying labor.

Consequently, recruiting efforts in Pyongyang ground to a halt, and most of the people whose names were added to the dispatch list were from the provinces.

Despite this, the North Korean authorities have not yet issued an order for its citizens to relocate to the Donbas area.

According to a source in North Korea, the administration plans to dispatch employees at an opportune moment while monitoring the situation on the ground if the conflict has not yet ended. 

"The Workers' Party is making enthusiastic preparations because it views the Russian request as a good chance to obtain foreign cash," he continued. "The Workers' Party regards the Russian request as a good opportunity to acquire foreign currency."


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