Neo-Nazi Enabler Eric Trump Threatens to Sue Rachel Maddow

by James DiGeorgia: Opinion | 05/10/2023 1:38 PM
Neo-Nazi Enabler Eric Trump Threatens to Sue Rachel Maddow

Eric Trump and his Laura are traveling around the country promoting his disgraced, sexual predator, twice impeached loser father’s 2024 presidential campaign.

Eric Trump threatened to sue Rachel Maddow for making public Eric Trump and his wife’s Neo-Nazi tour to campaign for his father and highlighting one such anti-semitic event that will take place at the Trump Miami Doral country club. The event will feature far right-wing influencers Scott McKay and Charlie Ward, who have spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, often praise Adolf Hitler and deners of the Holocaust, reported Media Matters.

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Eric insists he isn’t antisemitic because a supporter of Israel and his sister Ivanka, brother-in-law, nieces, nephews are Jewish. This is an insane argument.

Eric’s argument fails to mitigate his and father’s seeking out the support of pro-Hitler neo-Nazis, and accepts anti-semitic pathological liars, homicidal white supremicists who want to destroy American Jewish community.

Eric Trump’s argument is the very reason he should never show the slightest support or implied endorsement of any neo-Nazi organization or individuals. His threat to sue Ms. Maddow is an affront to reason and ever Jewish American citizen.

Unfortunately, Eric and the former President are racist, anti-semitic traitors to our constition.

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Maddow said during her this during this past Monday night broadcast on MSNBC…

“I can’t really believe they are going ahead with it,”

[Image 3]

… referring to the upcoming Maimi Spring time for Hitler event that will also be attended by former Trump administration officials Peter Navarro, Michael Flynn, Matthew Whitaker and Kash Patel, in addition to former congressman Devin Nunes, who heads Donald Trump's social media company Truth Social who will speak, schmooze and mingle with the pro-Hitler event organizers and attendees.

Eric Trump complained on his Twitter account Tuesday night that Maddow was “walking a fine line,” adding that his family is “the most pro-Israel family in American political history."

“If [Maddow] or anyone else even remotely suggests I am anti-Semitic I will not hesitate to take legal action against them personally.”

Hitler would have had his brown shirts hunt Rachel Maddow down and beat or even kill her to silence her opinion. I doubt, Ms. Maddow cares if Eric Trump sues her and or MSNBC.

I suspect Maddow might like look forward to deposing him, so to establish his implied support of these neo-Nazis, including those that brag they are members of “right death squads” like the mass murderer that unleashed terror this past week in an Allen, Texas outlet mall.


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