Mike Lindell: Needs a Straight Jacket!

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 01/13/2022 11:08 AM
Mike Lindell: Needs a Straight Jacket!

Mr. Pillow insists he has 'Enough Evidence' to put '300 million' Americans in jail for election fraud for life.


Mr. Pillow needs to be committed for psychiatric evaluation for his safety. Lindell's accusation that "300 million" Americans belong in jail for election fraud was part of an insane tirade Real America'sVoice and was first reported by Right Wing Watch shows how reckless and mentally challenged he is.

Consider that the U.S. population in 2020 was just over 331 million. Only 61.4% of the 224 050,000 eligible voters - actually voted, making this former crack addict's claim that 300 million people committed voter fraud in last year's presidential election proves he has a mental health condition.

Lindell has made dozens of accusations and promises of having evidence that he insists will allow him to overturn the former disgraced, twice impeached loser president Donald Trump lose so many times without ever meeting a single deadline that has made him and his demigod Trump look like horses asses over and over again.

According to Lindell…

"Everything you're going to see over these next seven months to get rid of the [voting] machines."

"You're going to see the Supreme Court case coming out. All these great things, everybody."

Lindell's continued attack on Dominion Voting Machines and Systematic voting machine companies have put him in jeopardy of being crushed by over a billion dollars in judgments. He could even end up losing control of his company if the two voting companies petition the courts hearing the cases to appoint a receiver to make sure Lindell does dissipate his and his company's assets and make him judgment proof.

Lindell's attacks always involve promising to discredit the voting machine company and amount to libel, slander, defamation, and tortious interference with their businesses. At the same time, he has no evidence to support any of his ravings. 

Lindell's latest claim that he has the "pieces of the puzzle" to prove the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump and that the election machines were hacked, tampered with is more of the same insane ravings.

 His claim that he has enough evidence to put 300 million Americans in jail for election fraud demonstrates he needs independent psychiatric evaluation and care. One has to be mentally ill to continuously spend millions of dollars proving nothing, setting deadlines he never meets, and is now accusing 89% of the U.S. population of voter fraud.

He's a former crack addict that appears to be so brain modeled that he makes the kind of accusations that could be described as sociopathic and psychotic. Consider this quote from his latest rant…

"And you talk about evidence; we have enough evidence to put everybody in prison for life, 300 and some million people. We have that back to November and December."

Despite his crazy claim, Lindell has never provided any evidence; his experts have disputed his claims after taking his money. However, he has proven that he and the former disgraced and defeated president are both out of the minds.

Trump plans to allow Lindell to speak on his upcoming on January 15, 2022. Allowing Lindell to speak on his behalf will further discredit Trump and show his desperation. 

Alt: [Right-Wing Watch Tweet] Link to the above on Twitter: HERE

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