Michael Cohen To Reveal New Chilling Details About Donald Trump

by James DiGeorgia | 02/20/2019 7:26 PM
Michael Cohen To Reveal New Chilling Details About Donald Trump

According to Michael Cohen, Trump had no moral character and made a habit out of defrauding and cheating people he did business.


By James DiGeorgia

No wonder President Trump is famous for his non-disclosure agreements. According to Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, his client is going to reveal what it was like to work for Trump and the Trump Organization during the nearly a decade he worked for them. Cohen’s lawyer went on to say…

 “He needs to tell his personal story to the American people.”

“And when he does, you’re going to hear personal, front-line experiences of memories, incidents, conduct, and comments that Donald Trump said over that 10-year time period behind closed doors that, to me when I first heard Michael tell me all this, even as much as I knew about Trump that was negative, was chilling.”

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Mr. Davis during an interview about the pending revelations from his client said…

 “He (Mr. Trump) treats people badly.”

“He has no moral character in defrauding people in his businesses, and going bankrupt and taking cash out, and putting people out of work. He lacks the moral compass that we expect in our presidents.”

Mr. Cohen has agreed to testify in closed sessions of the Senate and House intelligence committees and has indicated a willingness to also testify in public before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committees. Cohen is expected to report to prison on March 6, after pleading guilty to six felonies in August. Those charges were related to his personal business dealings and included making false statements to a bank, tax evasion, and felony campaign finance violations. He also pleaded guilty to lying to Congress after it was disclosed that he misled politicians about the time line of talks for a real estate project in Moscow.

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