McConnell Refuses to Fund States Guarantees 1930s Horrific Depression

by James DiGeorgia | 05/05/2020 6:01 PM
McConnell Refuses to Fund States Guarantees 1930s Horrific Depression

There are already 40+ million unemployed people in the United States. Economists are warning that if the Federal government refuses to fund cities and states for the costs, they are incurring from the coronavirus another 10 million could be unemployed by Election Day November 3rd.

Kentucky’s senior Senator Mitch McConnell wants to see what happens if he refuses to…

  •         Fund state and local governments to cover their coronavirus expenses
  •         Extend unemployment benefits
  •         Authorize another cash injection directly to Americans


In many ways, Mitch McConnell seems to be in league with Russia’s Dictator Vladimir Putin in a quest to destroy our country.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday after the Republican luncheon, McConnell revealed that there was little possibility of any additional coronavirus funding being passed by the Senate. McConnell said, “if” they will do another bill, not “when.”

This gives the Speaker of the House the ability to pass a bill that will make U.S. voters salivate for a Democratic Senate and President 180 days before the general election. Pelosi and her majority can pass a bill that gives every adult American $2,000, and $500 a month per child during the next 6 to 12 months. She’ll also get emergency bonuses to front line workers and funding for both red and blue states and local governments that will prevent the surge to over 50 million people unemployed.

If Senator McDonnell refuses to negotiate in good faith, it will leave him, President Trump, and all GOP lawmakers in the position of saying no to more than 150 million potential U.S. voters that will watch the U.S. economy collapse and with it their IRA, Keogh, 401K accounts. The financial devastation will be enormous if States and local governments are not reimbursed for their expenditures.

We at Wall Street Rebel have warned our readers about the danger of allowing cuts to police, fire, EMT, sanitation, and other state and local services. It will cause a collapse of the rule of law and could lead to the economic failure of the United States. No Social Security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, and large parts of the country without hospitals.

It’s a risky strategy because it could also lead to the mother of all wave elections with the Democrats winning 60 seats in the Senate, an immense majority in the House along with the Presidency. In this event, his nonstop effort to pack the courts could end up endangered.

If the Democrats win big in November’s election, we could see Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh impeached or forced off the court, and the court suddenly expanded by two seats. The retirement of Justice Ginsburg would then allow the next President to impose a young majority of 7 Democratic-appointed justices with only 4 GOP appointed justices and the risk that Justice Alito and Justice Thomas retiring creating a 9 to 2 Democratic majority of appointed Justices.

A 60 seat majority in the Senate would also give the Democrats the ability to impeach ever judge appointed by Trump in the lower courts that have not been qualified by the American Bar Association.

Democrat control of this magnitude would also allow the renewal of the voter’s rights act and passage of laws that damage GOP gerrymandering across the country that would guarantee that states like Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida would turn solid blue. They could even vote to grant Puerto Rico, Washington DC statehood, and create North and South California. Which would seal Democrat control of the country for three even four generations?

Schumer slams McConnell on Senate floor

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