Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Donald Trump to Jesus

by James DiGeorgia Opinion | 04/04/2023 2:28 PM
Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Donald Trump to Jesus

Where is the outrage from Evangelical Christians when arguably the second most powerful and dumbest GOP member of the House of Representatives? The rumored adulteress Congressmen Greene, who is going through a nasty divorce, hasn’t argued that Trump hasn’t cheated on his wife with either porn actress Stormy Daniels or former Playboy model and actress Karen McDougal.  

In early August 1966, Christian groups, primarily the Southern Evangelists in the United States, took to the streets to burn the sin out of their beloved Beatles records in response to John Lennon’s remark that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus” during an interview. His commentary dealt with the crazy Beatlemania the four boys from Liverpool, England, found themselves in the center of. Lennon was not comparing himself or his bandmates to Jesus.

Fifty-six years later, Marjorie Taylor Green has compared a serial adulterer Trump who is accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women and faces a defamation and civil rape trial by EJ Carrol (scheduled to go to trial later this month and last perhaps into May), who claims former President Trump raped her in a dressing room of a Department Store on 57th Street in the 1970s.

Comparing Trump to Jesus Christ is offensive and pure insanity. Trump has not only proven himself a serial adulterer, pathological liar, compulsive narcissist, and racist bigot.   

In contrast, Jesus taught mankind to forgive men like Trump for their sins – if they seek forgiveness. Trump insists he’s never done anything that he would ask god’s forgiveness.  

Green joined a crowd of protesters estimated to be by the press to be 500 people. This after calling for the country’s largest protests ever seen in New York, Washington DC, and elsewhere around the United States. The Bible warns about false prophets, and many Christians are beginning to recognize the wolfs in sheep’s clothing. Increasingly, Trump is drawing smaller crowds.

How many evangelists will stick with him if EJ Carroll wins her civil rape and defamation suit against him?

Trump’s wife didn’t bother standing by his side as he became the first former President to be criminally charged. I guess the Beatles were right. “Money can’t buy you love.”



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