Lucifer’s Spawn? MAGA? Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise as the U.S. Faces the Possibility of 1.7 million deaths

by James DiGeorgia | 03/24/2020 1:43 PM
Lucifer’s Spawn? MAGA?  Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise as the U.S. Faces the Possibility of  1.7 million deaths

Lucifer’s Spawn? MAGA?  Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise as the U.S. Faces the Possibility of  1.7 million deaths


150 million U.S. citizens are likely to be infected, thanks to Trump’s unwillingness to shut down the country for 14 days. The death toll could be 200,000 to 1.7 million. Why does anyone still support this incompetent ex-reality TV character?

ALT: (Yahoo-Trump Headline) 

Now the waves of spring vacation millennials returning from beaches and partying are heading home and bringing with them the virus to every town U.S.A.  Trump’s “very stable genius” is considering not extending the 14-day self-isolation, containment policy just in time to allow these youngsters to set off another wave of the pandemic.  

That’s the leadership we deserve when we allow a self-proclaimed medical genius to control the medical protocols our country will and has followed during the worst medical crisis in our lifetimes.

Worse, the President is going to drop the strategy designed to mitigate the spread of the disease because he says the country was not built to be shut down for weeks or months. Trump’s new plan suggestion is to re-open the country against many medical experts’ most ardent advice, including Dr. Fauci.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick tested Trump’s intended new policy “let the old (over 70) and sick die”  

Alt: (Texas Lt. Gov. Dan PatrickTweet)    Click here to read the article.

Forcing the sick and elderly to die, rather than offering care and treatment, is tantamount to the Nazi policies of before and during the Second World War. Re-opening the country and ignoring the risk will be the key to opening pandora’s box and allow the disastrous Geni to escape the bottle with no safeguard in place to do a safe do-over.  Unlike the virus – this disaster will be fabricated by President Trump and his moronic sycophants that worship money over life.

Still, Trump’s approval numbers over his handling of the coronavirus have risen to over 50%. One can only wonder as he downplays the crisis AGAIN after coming around to take it seriously for a few days.  Trump has sold his soul to the devil by dooming large numbers of our fellow citizens to death. He is purposely letting infected people move freely around the country and allowing them to come in contact with adults 70 over in the name of  MAGA (Making America Great Again). 

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