Lindell's Cyber Expert: China Hacking Claims 'Illegitimate'

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 08/12/2021 10:01 AM
Lindell's Cyber Expert: China Hacking Claims 'Illegitimate'

Mr. Pillow has spent tens of millions of dollars since the November 6, 2020 election and STILL can't prove China hacked a single voting machine. His much-hyped cyber symposium has instead shown his experts are not experts, and he can't prove jack.


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's own hand-picked "cyber expert" has now admitted in an interview with the Washington Post, the supposed evidence presented at Lindell's "Cyber Symposium" the past two days doesn't prove his repeated claims that China hacked the 2020 election.

Lindell's repeated claims in dozens of radio, podcast, TV, and internet appearances that he has dozens of terabytes of "irrefutable" evidence to prove China stole the election for President Joe Biden have been nothing more than the ravings of a "recovered" crack addict.

Lindell's top cyber expert Josh Merritt even admitted to the Washington Times that…

 "Packet captures are unrecoverable in the data and that the data, as provided, cannot prove a cyber incursion by China."

Merritt also emphasized to the Washington Times…

 "Our team said, we're not going to say that this is legitimate if we don't have confidence in the information."

Lindell had repeatedly boasted that he would pay anyone a $5 million reward to anyone who could disprove his claims that China hacked the 2020 election --now apparently, that reward is no longer on the table.

Lindell has repeatedly guaranteed he would present incontrovertible proof at his Cyber Symposium that began on Tuesday that 2020 was hacked. After two days, he looks like just another conman to even Donald Trump allies for not having any proof, much less the massive evidence he has claimed to have spent months amassing.

Alt: (Aaron Ruper Tweet)

One speaker who admitted he was "not a computer guy" and could not provide intelligent commentary about the purported digital hacking that Lindell has been alleging throughout the week humiliated himself.  Lindell, those in attendance demanded that CNN stop fact-checking everything said and scolded the media for not taking Lindell's symposium seriously.

The media and everyone should accept that this nobody with no computer expertise has been doing his own "research" about the election for months and has concluded that it was stolen from former President Donald Trump. He ended his ranting by demanding, "We need to wake up as people!"

Wednesday's symposium went from bad to worse when Lindell suffered a major legal disaster when a judge in Washington D.C. smacked down his motion to dismiss a massive defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems.

When the judge's ruling broke, Lindell was on stage at his "Cyber Symposium," and in response, those watching his clown show saw Lindell within minutes of the ruling get up from his seat and hurry off stage. While there's no proof the judge's decision drove him off the stage, his exit after his promise to stay there for 72 hours looked to many who knew what to happen as the catalyst for his untimely departure.

Given the lack of evidence he has and that Dominion Voting Systems has sued him for $1.3 billion, maybe Mike was so overtaken by the realization that his lies might end up bankrupting him; he needed to find the nearest crack pipe to console himself.

Alt: (John Whitehouse Tweet)



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