John Bolton, Patriot or Book Promoter?

by James DiGeorgia | 11/12/2019 4:31 PM
John Bolton, Patriot or Book Promoter?

Reports indicate that former National Security Advisor has a book deal and big payday ahead. Meanwhile, he has shown no interest in testifying before the House Intelligence Committee investigating President Trump for possible impeachment while he compromises any claim towards immunity speaking out publically. 


By James DiGeorgia

Former national security adviser John Bolton through his lawyer has let it be known he knows plenty regarding President Trump that Chairman Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee doesn’t know – and should know. He, however, wants to be compelled by subpoena and a court order to testify. Given Bolton needs neither to go and testify, it’s only fair to ask is he focused on promoting his yet to be written book, or is he the patriot he paints himself to be?

While he demands a subpoena and court order to come forward, last week during a private speech he suggested his former boss’ President Trump, his daughter and son-in-law approach to U.S. policy on Turkey is motivated by personal and financial interests, according to several people who were present for the remarks according to NBC News.

According to six witnesses that were interviewed by NBC News Bolton also questioned the merits of Trump applying his business acumen to foreign policy, saying such issues can’t be approached like the win-or-lose edict that drives real estate deals: When one deal doesn’t work, you move on to the next.

Bolton, during the speech, painted a portrait of the president who lacks an understanding of the interconnected nature of relationships in foreign policy and the need for consistency.

Bolton’s speech was given at a private gathering last Wednesday at Morgan Stanley’s global investment event in Miami, in which he reported President Trump and his family make every decision they make based on their potential personal gain. In sum, this is exactly what House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and his Democratic colleagues are alleging, i.e. President Trump extorted the new President of Ukraine by holding back desperately needed monies and weapons for his political purposes.  

Multiple people who attended Bolton’s Morgan Stanley private speech in Miami say he didn’t mention Ukraine but did assert his concern over the President and his family members’ decision-making centered on their self-interest motivated him to keep a resignation letter in his desk for three months before his contentious departure. Bolton also insisted during his speech; he was the one who quit; Trump didn’t fire him.

Bolton no doubt was paid handsomely for his Miami speech by Morgan Stanley given to their largest hedge fund clients. He no doubts expected that some of what he spoke about would leak out and help the sales of his future books. It’s only fair to ask Bolton if he is focused on his financial self-interest at the cost of our country.

Through his speech and his lawyer’s letter to the House Intelligence Committee, Bolton has presented himself as critical linchpin witness in the inquiry into Trump’s effort to extort the Ukrainian government to investigate Vice President Joe Biden and his son Biden.

If Bolton is a firsthand witness his testimony is required for him to continue to claim to be a patriot.  Especially since current and have already provided sworn testimony about Bolton’s strong opposition to the extortion of Ukraine that culminated in Trump’s acting Chief of Staff ordering the withholding of military aid and a presidential meeting until the Ukrainian government publicly committed to investigations of the Bidens and an effort to recover the DNC servers that supposedly contain the 30,000 missing Clinton emails. Both of which are widely considered a unicorn hunt.

According to Bolton despite his differences with Trump on many different foreign policy issues including the handling of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia and Ukraine he was most frustrated with Trump over his handling of Turkey and wanted like many in Congress both Democrats and Republicans wanted Turkey sanctioned after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan purchased a Russian missile defense system. Trump’s refusal to impose a round of punitive sanctions, was unreasonable and led Bolton to solidify his belief the President’s business interests in Turkey outweighed the interests of the United States.

This all leads back to the question. Is John Bolton a Patriot or Book Promoter? Not immediately testifying to the House Intelligence Committee and protecting the country makes him as horrifying as the President and his sycophants who seem determined to let this onerous cult of Trump to kill the rule of law and undermine our national security. 

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