James Please Answer These Questions On Covid

by Geoff Garbacz | 11/04/2021 8:27 AM
James Please Answer These Questions On Covid

Several issues are baffling me on the public health policy as Covid lingers.

1.Why a vaccine mandate to prevent passing Covid-19? The vaccine does not prevent anyone who has been vaccinated from passing Covid on to another person. The vaccine simply let's you cope with getting really sick once you get Covid-19.

2.Why don't we have any analysis of those that had Covid-19 and their ability to fight off the disease with natural antibodies?

3.I thought once we got to herd immunity all would be well? That number was 70% and we are effectively there? The goal posts continue to move.

4.Why should a young child be vaccinated when 99.995% recover from Covid-19 without a hospital visit? Does mRNA technology have issues?

5.Will the failures of science related to Covid set us back as the country losses faith in science and making public health policy.


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