Jack Smith May Have Trump Checkmated on the Mar-a-Logo Documents Case

by James DiGeorgia | 04/03/2023 4:06 PM
Jack Smith May Have Trump Checkmated on the Mar-a-Logo Documents Case

Special Counsel Jack Smith appears to have been cornered on obstruction of justice charges as Related to the Documents Case. New evidence, old evidence, and witness testimony will likely lead to multiple convictions with up to 20 years in prison.

It’s bad, really bad news for the former President as he arrives in Manhattan for arraignment for criminal charges connected to his conspiracy to pay hush money to porn celebrity Stormy Daniels. He’s not only still under investigation for superseding indictment by the grand jury that indicted him in Manhattan for a conspiracy to pay off in an illegal “catch and kill” conspiracy with David Pecker, the former owner and National Enquirer, for paying off a playboy model Karen McDougal. But the bad news doesn’t end there.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigators and legal team appear to have confirmed that after being served with a federal subpoena for the top secret, classified, and other documents he had taken with him, he decided to have boxes of these files moved out of storage in full view of cameras and went through them cheery picked documents he wanted to keep as trophies or souvenirs and according to depositions taken from his employees then would bring guests of Mar-a-logo and show records to them.

Trump maintains that the files belong to him, which appears to be his defense. He declassified them in his head. The Presidential Records Act. Doesn’t distinguish between Top Secret, Classified or unclassified documents. The records belong to the National Archive, and most credible legal observers say Trump’s claim of thinking the secret and classified articles as declassified is absurd because there is an established process for declassifying documents, and he didn’t do it.

For Trump, the decision to keep the records instead of cooperating with the Department of Justice and the National Archives instead of fully cooperating has now exposed him to much more serious crimes like Obstruction of Justice and an array of conspiracy charges that could lead to prison sentences of as many as 20 years.   

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