Ivanka Trump Insists She "Doesn't Recall"

by James DiGeorgia | 11/08/2023 12:45 PM
Ivanka Trump Insists She

Ivanka's dramatic memory loss, even when shown documents, proves she was intensely involved in negotiations between the Trump Org. and banks involving loans. She isn't going to play with NY State Judge Engoron.

Judge Arthur Engoron is seeing right through Ivanka Trump's strategy to minimize negative testimony that could harm her fathers and brothers, Don Jr., Eric, and father Donald Trump. Despite her being shown physical documentation, she is claiming memory loss.

This strategy could backfire since Judge Engoron is an experienced jurist who has used this strategy from various witnesses and defendents over the last four decades he's been on the bench. Since there's no jury, and Ivnka is playing, the loss of memory card could be seen by Judge Engoron as an insult to his intelligence and prima facia evidence that he is attempting to participate in a criminal cover-up of the fraud he has already found in his summary judgment.

Ivanka is gambling that her resistance to telling the truth and playing the lost memory game won't incite a criminal investigation into her husband's business activities during and immediately after the end of the Trump administration that managed to raise over $3 billion in investments from Arab middle-east governments despite the fact he has absolutely no experience managing money.

Yesterday, election results should have imbued more caution from Ivanka as it appears her father's chances of being elected seem now to be nowhere near as likely as he continues to claim. Her testimony will continue for a few hours, and it is always possible Letitia's civil litigators have a surprise landmine of documentary evidence they will unleash at just the right moment – that will show she's been lying by omission on the stand—a felony in New York that could lead to her arrest and incarceration in Rikers Island.


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