"Ivanka Threw Donald Under the Bus" and Sunk His Case

by James DiGeorgia | 11/09/2023 11:28 AM

Ivanka Trump took the witness stand yesterday in the Wednesday New York civil fraud trial — and she badly hurt family's case.

According to former White House ethics czar Norm Eisen, who broke down her testimony during an interview with CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Ivanka did far more harm than good for her father and two oldest brothers.

In response to Wolf Blitzer's question: "Did Ivanka Trump's testimony help or hurt her dad?" Mr. Eisen was direct and to the point:

"Her testimony hurt her father."

"She threw him under the bus. She did not defend these financial statements. She said she didn't prepare them. She didn't review them and approve them. So if he was looking to her for help, he didn't get it. Or a lot of 'I don't know' and 'I don't remember' to protect herself."

Eisen continued.

" Wolf, there was one Perry Mason moment,"

"Because this proceeding has been about dishonesty, New York confronted Ivanka with a personal guarantee. Her father was supposed to make a personal guarantee. They confronted her with evidence that the father turned around and demanded that his kids guarantee him the guarantee. So it was neither personal nor guarantee."

"It was like when he said intent doesn't mean we will do it,"

Ivanka's testimony, Eisen reiterated:

"Was a Perry Mason moment."

The defense team now intends to put 150 of its own witnesses on the stand as it gets to present its case to NY State Judge Arthur Engoron. It remains to be seen if Engoron will have the patience to hear all the proposed witnesses, especially since many will. redundant paid expert witnesses. Engoron has demonstrated impatience with repetitive testimony with the defense team's attempts to slow down the trial by repeatedly going over the same evidence and attempting to rehash evidence to argue over the Judges’ summary judgment that fraud clearly took place.

Many legal experts believe the defense team will re-call the disgraced former president to the stand. This could be the biggest mistake the defense could make. Trump was out of control and came off to most impartial observers as sputtering gibberish and ineffectively going off on tangents that only hurt his case more than he did during his testimony when called to the stand by the attorney General’s plaintiff’s team.

They have had a few days to review Trump’s testimony, demeanor, and lack of response to their questions. The New York State litigation team would be in a position to prepare a devastating cross-examination of Trump, his son Alan Weisselberg, other former employees Trump Org. employees, as well as banking and accounting firm witnesses as rebuttal witnesses.

Recalling Trump to the stand could also put him in a position where his uncontrollable ego is so aggravated that Judge Engoron is confronted by an angry, furious Donald J. Trump who goes too far and ends up spending his nights in a holding cell until the end of the trial.


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