ISIS Terrorists Using Pandemic to Make Come Back

by Michael London | 02/19/2021 1:20 PM
ISIS Terrorists Using Pandemic to Make Come Back

A new chilling warning has been issued by the commander of Kurdish forces in Iraq… “More than ten thousand ISIS fighters are poised to strike in Northern Iraq.”


The new chilling warning comes as the British Royal Air Force (RAF) has also been called into action to strike at targets in Northern Iraq.

ISIS once controlled and terrorized a vast swath of territory across Iraq and Syria it had seized in a terrifying offensive it conducted in 2014. The successful seizure and occupation of those territories culminated in the terrorist organization  leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in a Mosul mosque.

Alt: (Iais poised to attact chart)

ISIS armed forces were made up of tens of thousands of bloodthirsty jihadis who ruled every territory they controlled with barbaric brutality. They were eventually dislodged from power by a coalition of Kurdish forces backed by western airpower that pushed them into their final pocket of territory in Baghouz, Syria, in 2018. This lead to the former President Trump to declare victory over ISIS, but since that apparent defeat, the terrorist 0organization has been slowly rebuilding, despite the death of Baghdadi at the hands of USvspecial forces, according to Sirwan Barzani, a commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces stationed near the northern city of Erbil

Sirwan Barzani told The Times the terrorists had taken advantage of a lull in operations against them to rebuild, reorganize, and recruit new zealots.

Barzani, 50, said ISIS was still….

 “A big threat for all of the world and that its fighters will keep pushing as they want to become more powerful.”

“They have emerged from hiding among civilians and reformed under a core leadership operating in the mountain regions of the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq.”

 “When the liberation started for the whole area, they shaved their beards and posed as civilians, but they were waiting for the opportunity, and slowly they went back to rejoin them.”

“They reorganized themselves quicker because of the pandemic and because there were fewer coalition operations. That was something that was good for them but bad for us, of course.”

New reports indicate that ISIS sleeper cells have regrouped under new leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi and were taking advantage of outbreaks of Covid-19 in the region to regain its military capacity. According to press reports, ISIS established control of territory in the desert around 15 miles from the center of Deir Ezzor - the first land it has held since the end of the Caliphate.

Alt : (Isis in half the world)

Further, in January, a suspected ISIS suicide bombing killed at least 32 people in a Baghdad market as a way of showing they remain a threat. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense said two RAF Typhoons hit ISIS targets near the city of Bayji last week.

The RAF is taking part in supporting Iraqi forces as part of Operation Shader, the UK’s contribution to the US-led international counter-ISIS operation.

The Peshmerga estimate there around 7000 ISIS fighters but the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) puts the figure even higher, at well over 10,000.

UNOCT chief Vladimir Voronkov said that some 10,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria are pursuing a protracted insurgency, posing “a major, long-term and global threat”…  

“They are organized in small cells hiding in desert and rural areas and moving across the border between the two countries, waging attacks.”


            ISIS Makes A Comeback During The Coronavirus Pandemic




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