Is Trump Trying To Commit Political Suicide Intentionally?

by James DiGeorgia | 04/10/2019 3:56 PM
Is Trump Trying To Commit Political Suicide Intentionally?

After announcing his directive to the Department Of Justice to finally kill Obamacare, President Trump’s budget proposals propose deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.


By James DiGeorgia

I have held the opinion for quite some time that if President Trump were caught with the body of a paramour he murdered, 41% of voters in the United States in 2020 would still vote to re-elect him. All the continuing investigations into his shady, criminal, tax evading, money laundering will mean little to voters regardless of how much evidence is presented.

On the other hand, I’m just as sure that President Trump’s gambit of ordering the Justice Department to fight to kill Obamacare will drive more than 51% of the American people to vote to elect his Democratic challenger.

Trump’s proposal to cut benefits and numbers of people eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and even Social Security by reducing funding to these proposals amounts to a suicide wish, even if he argues President Obama first proposed the cuts.

His lying about Obama initiating the policy of family separation has fooled almost no one. American’s know President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy put kids in cages, orphaned thousands including nursing infants ripped away from mothers. Americans know that those tear-gassed on the southern border were women and children and not murders, rapists, ISIS terrorists. While American’s may be willing to accept all those atrocities they will not stand by and vote for a man that will kill their health insurance and cut their Medicare and Social Security benefits.


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I’m not the only person to believe that President Trump is committing political suicide. His former economic adviser Gary Cohn came out today and admitted that he was stunned to see President Donald Trump’s proposed 2020 budget which recommends $26 billion in cuts to Social Security, including $10 billion in cuts to the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Gary Cohn described the proposed cuts to Social Security in the president’s budget “political suicide” and predicted they would be used against him in 2020.

“Democrats won’t allow that to happen, and I don’t even know if the Republicans will allow that to happen.”

Cohn selling these kinds of cuts in the upcoming re-election campaign would be at best “pretty difficult” politically “even in a bunch of red states” where many older white voters rely on Social Security are likely to revolt.

“Any attempt to cut Social Security would be a political disaster for the Republican Party, just as the GOP’s attempt to undermine protections for Americans with preexisting conditions completely blew up in their faces the 2018 midterm elections.”

So the question remains is Donald J. Trump trying to commit political suicide on purpose? Or is he increasingly suffering from the early stages of dementia as a growing number of physicians and psychiatrists are suggesting? 

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