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Is President Trump On Drugs or Just Demented?

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 02/18/2019 11:43 AM
Is President Trump On Drugs or Just Demented?

President Trump did a mean impression of Robin William’s doing stand up back during his cocaine days. Williams could be very funny stoned, Trump is just scary. We can’t rely on the results of his latest physical. Trump could be flying like a kite on prescription Opioids. Or is just dementia?    



By James DiGeorgia

There is clearly something wrong with POTUS. A world-class physician may have conducted his Thursday morning physical but the results released were sham. The President has complete control over what the public is told about his health. So no law has been violated. If we can’t trust the President to tell us his true height and weight, how can trust him on the big issues and his veracity?

Donald J Trump is 6’1, not 6’3. Trump weighs over 275lbs but Trump has the final edit, and so he’s 6’3” not 6’ 1” and a svelte 259lbs. No wonder the POTUS has bragged he “loves the uneducated.”

Trump’s meandering, incoherent, dishonest Friday morning Rose Garden meltdown of a speech, left his lawyers to facepalming and re-energized 25th Amendment speculation yet again. The timing couldn’t have been worse.

Sunday Morning news featured CBS 60 Minute teaser video clips of Andy McCabe, the former acting head of the FBI, asserting that two Trump Cabinet members were involved in 25th Amendment discussions. McCabe also revealed that Trump blew up during a meeting and insisted he believed Putin assertion that North Korea really didn’t have missiles capable of hitting the United States. Our intelligence agencies warned they have the missiles. 


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It was a crazy Friday morning presser, but it was just warm up for an even more intense weekend for President Trump who learned

·        Mueller can prove Rodger Stone was in communications with Wiki Leaks and Russian GRU

·        Manafort may be getting 19-24 years, just to start.

·        Our European allies hate his guts.

·        The FBI may have tapes discussing the payoff to Karen McDougal who he allegedly had an affair with.

·        Someone revealed Japan was asked by the U.S. government to recommend Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. It wasn’t a genuine organic recommendation for an accomplishment.

·        Discovered he was right about the lawsuit hurricane headed his way.

By the end of the weekend, Trump had

·        Threatened our European allies with the release 800 ISIS terrorists  

·        Declared a national emergency while admitting he didn’t need to but wanted to build the wall quicker.

·        Lost his nominee for a downgraded United Nations Ambassador because of nanny issues

·        Accused SNL political assassination by comedy ala Smother Brothers 1969. Alec Baldwin has made Trump’s enemies list.

·        Seen more news stories break on his golf courses and clubs knowingly importing Latin Americans from Costa Rica for a decade or more. Cheap illegal labor. 

With this all going on and the likelihood of one or more indictments being announced by Special Prosecutor Mueller this coming Friday, one can appreciate the tremendous stress President Trump has on his shoulders.  

One of those who could be indicted according to Natasha Bertrand of the Atlantic last week on Bill Maher is Donald Trump Jr.

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Donald J, Trump is the most corrupt President in United States history. His campaign, close acquaintances, and personal friends committed campaign finance fraud, and one of his sons entered in consideration of a conspiracy with a foreign power to undermine our country’s general election in 2016.

Trump’s campaign manager was actively in league with Russians, while Trump went on TV asking Russia to illegally hack his political rivals email.

While Trump is in league with Vladimir Putin and risking our national security, he and the GOP are screaming socialism at the top of their lungs.

If Donald Trump Jr. is indicted next, expect an even more frenetic president always just a few feet from the nuclear football. No wonder so many people are thinking 25th Amendment. 

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