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If Trump Takes The Fifth Start Buying Physical Gold

  • Wall Street Rebel | Geoff Garbacz
  • 02/06/2018 07:55 PM
If Trump Takes The Fifth Start Buying Physical Gold

President Trump's lawyers are reportedly recommending the President shouldn't answer any of Special Prosecutor Mueller questions and he should decline to be interviewed. allow me to be a bit sarcastic -


The President knew when he boasted he's looking forward to answering Muellers questions but he will never do so. In short, he is going to blame the lawyers for not being able to answer the special prosecutors questions just like he does with regard to his tax returns.

This willingness to lie and deceive the public could escalate into the President deciding to ignore a subpoena like he's ignored enforcing Russian sanctions imposed by Congress by a virtually unanamous vote.
As a result, It is time to start buy gold. The fact is a Soviet KGB head may have engineered the collapse of the United States. The only thing that can stave this catastrophic consequesnce lies in the hands of the Republican Congress. If it allows President Trump to defy legally served subpoenas, then he must be removed from office or we as citizens will be surrendering our democracy.

Steven Bannon has already chosen not to obey a Congressional subpeona this week. A clear signal that ignoring the rule of law is going to President Trump's strategy. But there's a price to pay for abandoning the rule of law.

If you think a 8% decline in seven trading days is shocking, then you clearly missed the 22% drop suffered during the inception of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. A collapse of the rule of law and abandoning the Constitution would turn the financial markets inside out. The implications the end of our democracy and conversion of an autocratic one party kleptocracy is beyond this President's capacity to understand.
It would be wonderful if one of the White House sychophants would explain to President Trump that state after state would likely to begin to vote to succeed from the Union.

Trump's response would of course be to federalize the national guard guards in those states and their law enforcement agencies and would order the arrest of every Democratic office holder in each rebellious state.
How do you think the stock market and U.S. Dollar will be doing while this takes place?

Trump must understand the collapse of the United States means the biggest question in the world becomes ...

Who pays the $20Trillion Debt the country has racked up if its in shatters?

President Trump is clearly terrified of the consequences he might face in this democracy so like the narcassic nepolionic bastard he has become, its very likely he will try to change the rules i.e... change our system of government like Vladimir Putin his idol did when he rose to power in 1999. Putin has murdered thousands to engineer his transformation of Russia into staged democracy that really nothing more than a autocratic kleptocracy that had let him become richer than President Trump.

If the GOP Congress stands by and lets Trump end our democracy the U.S. Dollar will go the way of the Russian Ruble -- during and after the communist nation's collapse.
If Trump takes the Fifth, buying physical gold may be your best personal defense against the financial storm a Trump seizure of autocratic power may create.

The Dow Futures at 1:00 a.m. EST this morning were down 1000 points.

Interest rates are climbing. Central banks are starting to withdraw liquidity from the markets in order to keep inflation from taking hold.
Marc Jones of Reuters predicted this in his Reuters piece back on October 25, 2017 ...

"Worldwide debt has risen to a record $226 trillion - more than three times global annual economic output - and firms in more countries are struggling to service loans, a study shows, just as key central banks prepare to end super-cheap credit policies."

Futures held up through the market opening and into the close, creating the possibility of an incredibly fast 10% correction. This is not normal folks but it may just be the beginning.

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