How Can you Defend a President Who is a Danger to Everything?

by Michael London | 01/04/2021 1:38 PM
How Can you Defend a President Who is a Danger to Everything?


Mr. Trump’s presidency has weakened America’s democracy, Constitution, influence and power worldwide, and its citizens’ mental health.  


I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach and a feeling of anxiety like never before.  How much stressful news can the rational American people take before this accumulation of penned up strain we tried to bury deep in our psyches forces its way out.   From the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, President Donald Trump’s Impeachment, a March stock market crash, rampant unemployment, and Americans going hungry, to a global movement for racial justice, and on and on the year 2020 experienced many American social, economic, political and human fails.


                     George Will: Trump's Lasting Damage to America


This was the time in history the United States had an opportunity to demonstrate to the world and people the virtue of having a healthy and strong democracy, even while an authoritarian president controls the country. Experiencing the peaceful transition of government on January 20 from one political party to another is a thing of pure American beauty. However, the world is seeing how fragile the U.S. Constitutional and political platform really is, how it can be easily manipulated, and how a government not of the people globally jeopardizes everyone with an authoritative man as president.  The world has experienced firsthand for the last four years how fragile our democracy and United States policy truly is. The United States people experienced how inept our legislative and judicial branches are to protect us from a self-serving president, and the executive branch is under authorization control. We saw how a single manipulative person could affect 244 years of American history and create a butterfly effect that could take decades to repair.  

As a result, a single man was able to cancel U.S. participation in Paris Climate Agreement, created uncertainty in global free trade, changed the U.S. policy with NATO, complicated our standing with Russia and China for the worse, has our most ardent allies looking at the U.S. with suspicion while unsuccessfully attempting to build a wall to further racially alienate another ally. Worse of all, American citizens were left to die in isolation without family because the COVID-19 pandemic was not relevant to your master plan.  A healthcare policy that was promised four years ago and subsequently every two weeks after that to replace the Affordable Care Act was just a blatant pacifying lie. The COVID-19 pandemic Mr. President was not a hoax. Ask Mr. Rubio, who said it was a hoax on your behalf for ten months and then set himself up for one of the first vaccine injections, attested it to be fact. Or ask the families of the hundreds of thousands of dead Americans who fell to the fabricated media hoax called the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then yesterday! Another liberal media hoax manifested itself. President Trump urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to recalculate the election tally in Georgia and find enough votes to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win.  But this was not a hoax. In your words, this recorded conversation was published by the Washington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution just hours after Trump tweeted about the call, griping that Raffensperger had been “unwilling, or unable” to look into claims of voter fraud.


Alt : (Trump Georgia Tweet)


Please, Mr. President, Let the world heal. Go back to West Palm Beach and play golf.


                     World leaders appear to laugh at Trump at UN




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