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Hot-Mic Video Catches Trump Racism and Legal Thuggery

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 08/27/2020 4:09 PM
Hot-Mic Video Catches Trump Racism and Legal Thuggery

In a newly released videotape from the Trump University case, President Donald Trump, during a deposition, shows him boasting about threatening the Better Business Bureau and slurring a Latino judge in a newly revealed hot-mic video.



During a 13-minute video, which was recorded while Trump and his attorney were apparently unaware the camera was still rolling, was recorded December 10, 2015, during a taped deposition in a fraud lawsuit against Trump University, reported Mother Jones.


Art Cohen, the lead plaintiff in one of two Trump University class-action lawsuits, in explaining why he gave a copy of the recording to MotherJones.com said…


 “I wanted to get this out before the election, so people better understand how Trump behaves behind the scenes.”


“Staying quiet all this time has been frustrating for me, and I wish everybody had gotten the chance to see Trump’s behavior as I did before the 2016 election. With 20/20 vision, we now have the opportunity to understand better his true nature and the gangster persona he shows in this video.”


“The Trump University legal saga is a footnote to history, but it helped Trump hone his blueprint for attacking the judiciary by publicly berating judges he deems adversarial.”


                        WATCH: Revealing Hot-Mic Video of Trump From a Fraud Case Deposition

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