Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Blasts Hinted by Putin

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 11/07/2022 9:26 AM
Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Blasts Hinted by Putin

In a phone call, Russian President Vladimir Putin's alarming reference to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki sent shock waves through the Western political establishment. The current leader of France is Emmanuel Macron.


Nuclear weapons evoke widespread fear around the world because of their unparalleled capability for devastation and the threat that they provide to local people in the form of radiation exposure. Not only are these results known as a result of the thousands of test detonations that have been carried out, but they are also known as a result of the aftermath of the solitary time nuclear weapons have ever been used in an actual battle. The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were both destroyed by atomic bombs that were detonated by the United States on those cities on August 6 and August 9, 1945, respectively.

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The most reliable estimates of the overall death toll from both attacks vary from 110,000 to 210,000 deaths, including men, women, and children; the majority of those killed were civilians. These figures are from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Radiation poisoning and the first damaging explosion were also factors in these fatalities; nevertheless, the primary cause of death was the flames.

Radiation poisoning is one factor contributing to nuclear weapons' overall lethality. In order to explode a nuclear weapon, a quick nuclear reaction must take place, in which the atoms must either be broken up into smaller pieces or pushed closer together. As a direct consequence of this, radioactive particles and potentially harmful electromagnetic waves, such as gamma rays, are discharged into the surrounding air. As a consequence of the residual radiation, people can get injuries not just immediately after the explosion but also for some time after that as well.

During a conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly brought up the atomic bombs that were carried out in Japan. According to a report that was published in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, Putin was quoted as saying that he believes the bombings, which were the catalyst for the Japanese surrender and the conclusion of the Second World War, proved that "you don't need to attack the major cities in order to win." Macron is said to have been 'alarmed' by Putin's statement since he saw it as a strong indication that the Russian president intends to use a nuclear bomb for tactical purposes. Watch this video for more information.

The statement reportedly left President Macron feeling "distinctly frightened," as stated by the source.

The statements made by Putin elevate the already grave risk of nuclear conflict in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has already had a catastrophic effect on human life, property, and the economy of the whole world. Putin's new words come at a time when Russian troops continue to launch missile and drone strikes on Ukraine and the country's critical energy infrastructure without showing any signs of stopping.

In accordance with the Russian policy about nuclear weapons, Vladimir Putin wants to convey the idea that all alternatives are now being considered.

According to Russia's nuclear policy, nuclear weapons should only be deployed in the event of an actual attack. However, some Russian officials have asserted that Moscow reserves the right to use nuclear strikes if there is an existential threat to the country or an attack against Russia, even if the attack only uses conventional weapons. These officials believe this right should be exercised in either of these scenarios.

Desperate Times

There are rising concerns, both within Russia and beyond, that Vladimir Putin is becoming increasingly eager for a swift triumph, or at the very least, for Ukraine to be crushed to the point where his friends and followers are happy.

Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia have all been annexed by Russia in more than eight months since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine on February 24. As a result of these annexations, Russia has created a land bridge to Crimea and taken control of four eastern and southern Ukraine regions. But as the battle continues, Russia has resorted to procuring weaponry and drones from Iran and North Korea, as well as deploying 300,000 reservists to maintain its military presence.

According to iStories, an independent Russian media site, the number of fallen Russian troops is expected to be close to 90,000. During August, a Ukrainian official said that 9,000 members of the Ukrainian military had been killed. However, another source suggested that the figure may be far higher. Since February, the United Nations estimates that approximately 8 million people have left their homes in Ukraine, and various investigations into possible war crimes are now being carried out.

Meanwhile, it seems that Russia is running out of its arsenal, which includes everything from missiles to protective gear like helmets and boots.

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Following the destruction of his prized bridge between Russia and Crimea by Ukrainian military personnel, there were concerns that Putin may "go nuclear." This bridge links Russia with the Crimean peninsula.

Vladimir Putin has already issued a warning that he would "use all the instruments at our disposal" if an assault is launched on Russian territory.

The threat was made when it was overheard that frustrated Russian generals were considering the deployment of a nuclear weapon in Ukraine as a tactical option. This led to the threat being made.

According to the data gathered by the United States, Russian authorities are thought to have discussed with Putin's officials when and how Moscow may use such a nuclear weapon after a series of military setbacks. These setbacks occurred on the battlefield.

It has been said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not present during the negotiations that took place when they were taking place in the Kremlin. These conversations took place against Russia and the West engaging in more threatening nuclear rhetoric.

We are continuing to keep a careful watch on this issue, and there are currently no indications that Russia is preparing for such an application. However, we will continue to monitor this situation closely.

It is thought that Russia's terrifying nuclear arsenal has up to 6,000 warheads, which is enough to cause total devastation over the whole planet and cause between 200 and 300 million casualties.

This includes as many as 2,000 nuclear bombs that have been specially prepped for deployment on the battlefield as tactical weapons in an attempt to overwhelm conventional soldiers.

Although there are many methods in which these sorts of weapons may be deployed in combat, such as by artillery rounds or missiles, they have never been used in any form of fight.

Even the use of a more restricted tactical nuclear bomb can kill thousands of people and make vast areas of Ukraine uninhabitable for many years. This is the case even if the weapon is limited in its destructive power.

In addition, the Kremlin has been propagating increasingly false claims that the Ukrainian government is making plans to deploy a so-called "dirty bomb." A dirty bomb is a conventional explosion that is tipped with radioactive material.

According to Ukraine, Russian troops are currently developing a dirty bomb at the nuclear power facility in Zaporizhzhia that Ukraine has seized. Ukraine also claims that releasing such a weapon on Ukrainian territory would give Russia the justification to take retaliatory action against Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Russia has been making noises about using its nuclear weapons while its military forces are still being pushed back. This is taking place at the same time as Moscow has claimed ownership over four territories.

Putin has been quite explicit in his warnings about the potential for the already lethal fight to escalate into a nuclear war, and the Russian military doctrine does allow it possible for them to use a nuclear weapon if they make that decision.

There have been rumors that a convoy in Russia that is connected to a nuclear unit is currently on the move, and there have also been rumors that Putin's largest submarine, the Belgorod, which is capable of being outfitted with "apocalypse" nuclear torpedoes, is currently on the move. Both of these rumors have led to speculation that Russia may be preparing to launch a nuclear attack.

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According to those with knowledge of the military industry's inner workings, one of the options that Vladimir Putin is contemplating is the explosion of a nuclear bomb on the border as part of an impressive show of force. This would be a magnificent show of power.

The idea that Russia, a nuclear superpower, might use its nuclear weapons in a war of choice against Ukraine, a country that is a fraction of Russia's size, population, and military and economic might, is ludicrous, to say the least. Even yet, Western forecasts on whether or not Russia would use nuclear weapons vary from "unlikely" to a near certainty that the United States and Russia would engage in a direct nuclear war with one another. This is the case even though Russian propagandists frequently advocate for nuclear attacks.


                        'Don't need to hit major cities': Putin cites Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings in chat with Macron

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